Surf Report 5/22 – Baby bumps


After almost two weeks of bummed-out reports and general malaise regarding how flat it’s been lately, today wasn’t so terrible. Fine, it was three foot at the most, but that’s 3 foot more than yesterday, and way better than sitting on your ass. Beginners: the waves are perfect for you right now. They’re small and gentle. For others, from the photos and reports it looks like west-facing beaches have something to play with today. Not much, but something. You have enough time to squeeze in an afternoon session since the sun never seems to go away these days. Stormsurf says things should pick up throughout the week thanks to a New Zealand swell, so find a Kiwi and kiss them a lot.

Photo of today’s surf reposted with permission from Swellmagnet.

2 thoughts on “Surf Report 5/22 – Baby bumps”

  1. It figures that now that I’m too broke to finally buy longboard it’s a perfect time to be learning. Guess it’s another summer on the bodyboard and/or loaner surfboards for me!

  2. There’s a new surf report in town focusing specifically on North LA Beaches and they bring with them surf. specializes in Daily Surf Reports from local beaches from County Line to Venice Beach. This week will be bringing us fun S swell to our local beaches, check out for more.

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