When Mayor V used Bill Clinton to meet Rush Limbaugh

Bill Clinton used Mayor V as wingman to chat up Rush Limbaugh’s date

During his broadcast earlier today, Rush Limbaugh told his listeners that while out with a date for dinner last night in New York, he was “startled” when Bill Clinton walked up to his table to meet him. They exchanged pleasentries, and then Clinton went to eat with his party.

A little while later, Clinton returned to Limbaugh’s table, this time with a guest. From the transcript:

So I’m shaking hands and so forth, and this man is going on and on and on about how excited he is to meet me. He wanted to meet me, and the former president brought him over. When the former president told him I was there, he said, “I have to meet Mr. Limbaugh.”

It turns out it was the mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa.

Limbaugh apparently talked a bit with Mayor V, who told him he was there to discuss Clinton’s “green initiative”. However, Limbaugh seemed more interested in what Clinton was doing with his date:

Now, this is hilarious. While I’m chatting with Villaraigosa, I kind of slid to the right in my half-moon booth, and as I did that, that created some distance between me and my guest… At some point during the conversation with the mayor, I looked to my left, and the former president was intently chatting up the woman that I was sitting with. He had leaned down, and his elbows and arms were on the railing of the booth, and they were in intense conversation.

Also part of the Clinton dinner party, at the Kobe Club steakhouse in Manhattan, was L.A. supermarket mogul Ron Burkle.

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5 thoughts on “When Mayor V used Bill Clinton to meet Rush Limbaugh”

  1. Clinton chats up a chick, qu’elle surprise!

    I’m more interested in why Mayor Tony thinks it’s so cool to meet a hate spewing, right wing pandering drug addict.

  2. I’m pretty sure Clinton could chat up just about anybody he wanted without a wingman, and I’m also sure you need to take anything Limbaugh has to say about him with a grain of salt.

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