Poor Ike Turner spent a night in jail after he was arrested on a 1989 narcotics warrant that turned out to be invalid.

The 75-year-old musician and ex-husband of Tina Turner was spotted on Interstate 405 in the San Fernando Valley about 11:45 p.m. Tuesday night. Police officers saw his 2002 silver Mercedes-Benz S-50 doing more than 80 mph and straddling lanes, Officer April Harding said Thursday. The car was stopped after it left the freeway and officers ran a check for warrants, which is routine, Harding said.

They found he had an old felony narcotics warrant and Turner was arrested and booked into a downtown jail, Harding said.

“He had court yesterday and I guess that they deemed it was an old warrant that was never removed from the system,” Harding said. [full story]

That may be the “news” story, and it sucks that this happened, but why do I find this story from TMZ so amusing? Maybe because the headline is I Froze My Ass Off with a Banana & a Cookie.

I also like the choice closing line: Ike left in his jail issue, but plans to return soon to retrieve his $5000 suit.

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