Zombie Prom: Sunday night!

zombie.JPGOk, so if you’re not into talking plants, you can get your zombie on this weekend. The Zombie Prom is happening on Sunday, May 13th, 8pm at Zen Sushi in Silverlake. Feating the magickal art of Dame Darcy and music for zombies by Death by Doll, Unknown Boy, Dr Empty and Veritas. All proceeds go to Mr Holland’s Opus Foundation. You may ask, what do you wear to a zombie prom?

Whereas a regular zombie can totally get away with just a dirty T-shirt, a zombie who died on prom night would definitely wear ancient paisley blazers, oversized tuxedo jackets…or at least a ripped pirate shirt. Still others zombie-emulators may go for the extra-wild “double theme” and be, say, a dead Danny Zuko, a stitched-up Breakfast Club member, or even a bloodied Lloyd Dobbler.

But, look at me. I’m leaving out the ladies. For ladies, we recommend thrift store dresses or, even better, that ugly ultraviolet bridesmaid gown you were forced to buy by bridezilla. (You’ll finally get to tear it up. For a good cause.) For ladies who want to rock the double theme, the possibilities are just as endless. We look forward to seeing some dead Bring It On cheerleaders or the new incarnation of Emily Rose.

I really wish I was in town because I so would be there and bring my troupe of zombie cheerleader/bananas. Please, go in my stead and report back!