Stolen suitcase causes Union Station shutdown

lacoso.gifNote to LA County Sheriff’s: don’t leave your personal belongings unattended.

Union Station was shut down today after someone stole a Sheriff’s Department briefcase containing materials for a training exercise.

Rail service was interrupted because of the closure. Streets around Union Station were blocked off, causing traffic congestion in the Chinatown area.

I’ve heard stories before of people complaining to police and security before after having their purse, suitcase, or laptop stolen. In every instance, they get shrugs and maybe some paperwork to fill out.

Officials hoped to have the station reopened soon. It’s not clear when rail service will get back to normal.

Sheriff’s officials were swarming through the station looking for the briefcase.

Exactly what kind of “training materials” would require such a response?

…from the LA Times

UPDATE: According to Zach at LAist, the stolen item was actually a “bag of dummy explosives”. Said the explosives to the Sheriff who lost them: “Who you calling dummy?”

2 thoughts on “Stolen suitcase causes Union Station shutdown”

  1. I’m in the building right next door. Our building was “Locked Down” like “CTU” apparently, some homeless guy walked off with their training device, so they shut the whole place down, I feel safer already.

  2. They were some kind of detonators/wires, enough of something or other “to blow off your hand,” according to ABC news.
    Silly sheriffs getting robbed by a transient!

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