How to get on Oprah: Admit you are in financial ruin due to secret debt

I came across this posting on for guests they are seeking for a future show. They’re looking for people “IN LA AREA ONLY” who want to talk about the secret lives of debt they live.

LA is an image-conscious city (compared to other cities), one that is willing to spend to keep up appearances. We also know that Americans are saving less than they should. In fact, American’s currently have a negative savings rate, spending more than they are earning… the worst since the Great Depression. Sounds like it could be an interesting show, but what I’m really interested in is who they end up profiling on this episode.

LA Area ONLY: Are You SECRETLY In a MONEY crisis?

Do you live in a really nice house that is above what you can afford? Do you drive cars you can’t really pay for? Do you spoil your children and it’s hurting your bank account? Do you overspend on everything from clothes to electronics to restaurants? Have you avoided going to the doctor because it’s too expensive? Does everything look good on the outside but is falling apart on inside? Have your money battles put a strain on your marriage and sex life? How much in debt are you? Would you say you’re living a lie? Do you hide your money troubles from your family and friends? Do you live beyond your means buying things you know you can’t afford?

Please, only respond if you live in the Los Angeles area and are interested in disclosing your financial situation and getting advice on television. Thanks for sharing your story.

If you’re in financial trouble, maybe you should think about buying things at the yard sale, instead of those high-falutin’ fancy stores on Robertson.

4 thoughts on “How to get on Oprah: Admit you are in financial ruin due to secret debt”

  1. Oprah is finally getting around to doing an expose’ on what we already know to be our fatal flaw? Where else does everyone rent/lease the life style they can’t afford to the degree we do?
    This should be funny but not as funny as the usual trailer park train wrecks we get to see.

  2. Frazgo: You’d be surprised at where else people rent/lease the lifestyle they can’t afford. Maybe not the degree to we do but recent studies show that much of China’s growth is fueled by debt, not to mention how much of the growing consumerism (especially in the big cities) are fueled by credit cards. A similar trend follows in Japan, but to a lesser degree.

    China exports products. We export “affluence.”

  3. Can you believe that there are financial publications that claim that financial service companies encourage investors to save too much money for retirement?

    Want an interesting read?
    click on the “Chairman’s Corner”

  4. Nicely put Joz. Somethings being the leader is good, outliving your income sadly isn’t one.

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