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steeringhands.jpgMack and Sean have already covered the Griffith Park fire happening right now (thank you very much Santa Ana winds). I want to chime in with some alternate routes, because I just drove from Glendale to Hollywood and if you thought Franklin Avenue was bad with the construction @ La Brea, well it’s just gotten worse.

I was headed westbound on Franklin and although I encountered my own obstacles, eastbound looked like a parking lot – at 2:30pm! The Griffith Park entrance on Los Feliz near Western was closed. No one could enter, but there were cars exiting. It was kind of surreal to see people hanging out in the grass seemingly oblivious to the fire.

So instead of grumbling over the traffic, how about finding some alternate routes. If you’re heading eastbound to Silverlake, Los Feliz, Glendale and beyond, why not meet Beverly? If you can navigate the Virgil, Temple Beverly intersection (Temple!) you can pick up Glendale Blvd, which you put you smack on the 2. From there be friends with San Fernando and say hello to Atwater Village, Glassell Park, Glendale, Mt Washington, Eagle Park and Highland Park. (You can reverse it if you’re headed to Hollywood.)

I always enjoy a stroll down Sunset. Yes, it takes a bit more time and has a bit more traffic, but how long will you live in LA? Just put on some good music and enjoy the scenery.

I always love a refreshing splash down Fountain, if you want to jet through Mid-city. Melrose is another option. You can check out the stores while stopped at the red light. (San Vicente and Olympic are other obvious alternate routes.)

If you’re going North/South, I always forget about Crescent Heights. Yeah there is that irritating jog at Wilshire/San Vicente/Olympic. But once you navigate the school there, it’s smooth sailing down to the 10 (see ya later La Cienga and loads faster than Fairfax).

If you’re going over the hill into the Valley, don’t forget Hollywood leads you right to Laurel Canyon, where, if you get tired of the slow going, there is always Lookout Mountain and Mulholland Drive to give you fabulous view.

Anyone else want to share some alternate routes?

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  1. My favorite “smuggler’s route” to get to the west side is the following:

    Down Vine/Rossmore to Wilshire, jog west to Rimpau, south to Pico, west one block to San Vincente (it’s a very sharp left turn), south one block to Venice, then it’s easy sailing to Fairfax, then turn left to get to the 10 West. The reverse to get home works too.

    For some reason, the 10 west always opens up right around Robertson, so you can get to SM without too much bother. This can normally get you to to Santa Monica in less than 40 minutes! (From Los Feliz).

    Don’t forget to wave as we pass! :)

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