Some stuff I found at the 99cent store

Something fitting about these uber-crappy photos I took at the 99cent store.

First up in this brief gallery are these solid plastic, 8″ USC plates. Perfect for your frat house, or maybe even to turn into shields for your next costume as a Trojan hero.

Also included in this brief gallery:

  • Virginia Tech pacifiers.
  • Nads for Men.
  • Ham flavored food stuffs.
  • Marvel “Klik” candy.

Feel free to post a link to your own crazy finds at the 99cent store…

…more craptastic pix after the jump…

Prominently displayed Virgina Tech baby rattles. Something incredibly creepy about this.

Nads for Men. If you’ve ever been told you need to grow some, I guess this would be a sort of fertilizer.

Not quite ham, but ham flavored food stuffs that look like meat. Still, not sure if this vegetarian.

On the bright side, they have these sweet Marvel Heroes “Klik” candies at 2 for 99cents. Sorta like Pez, but with Sweet-Tarts and some sort of cheap gum. Alas, you can find some good stuff at the 99cent store.

6 thoughts on “Some stuff I found at the 99cent store”

  1. Hey man, don’t knock the collegiate dishware from the 99 cent store!! My sister bought me the UCLA plates and cups but couldn’t find the bowls and lo’ and behold my best friend completed my set when she found them for me.

    But the best find i’ve ever gotten at the 99 cent store has got to be hands down the Toxic Avenger napkins. :)

  2. I’ve seen a pack of Lifestyle condoms at the store. I wonder who’s been brave enough to buy them.

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