Sidewalk garden – update

Yesterday, after coming across this blog post, which links to this post of mine, I decided to walk over and see how the Koreatown Sidewalk Garden is growing.


Quite pretty, if you ask me. And inspiring – I just may atempt some urban gardening of my own.

3 Replies to “Sidewalk garden – update”

  1. Go for the garden. Try low water requirement plants that can tolerate heat if you are going to try it along the street and sidewalks. We need more little green spaces and blossoms!

  2. Thanks! I’m planning to start with some rooftop gardening, as we have a porch. I’m thinking succulents, mostly. I’ll most likely write about it (probably begging for advice – I have a black thumb).

  3. Well then….”hens and chicks” cactus do really well in small containers. So do the members of the aloe family, the “century plants” give you the added bonus of big tall flower spikes every few years.

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