Pinkberry is the poor man’s Cantaloop

CantaloopAs if the title doesn’t clue you in, Cantaloop is another knock off of Pinkberry, the leader of the healthy frozen yogurt craze. After visiting the newly opened Cantaloop at La Brea and Hollywood yesterday, , I still don’t get it. (of course, I used to never understand Starbucks mania – and look at me now: a cafe latte a day liberal.)

I purchased a small serving of the melon flavored Cantaloop with a topping of Fruity Pebbles (to negate any possible health value). Cost? A few pennies over $4 after tax. Tasty, but no “value” by any regard.

CantaloopSide by side, I prefer Cantaloop to Pinkberry, but merely because Cantaloop has THREE flavors instead of Pinkberry’s two. In addition to the plain and melon mango they had promeganate. Yes, promeganate. Beats “natural wheat grass flavor” I suppose. Like Pinkberry, Cantaloop also features a 70ish future chic aesthetic, although Cantaloop seemingly borrowed from the “Buck Rogers in the 21st Century’s” candy tinted clear plastic chairs, a small improvement, but they evidently weren’t stretching for a unique identity.

I don’t think I’ll latch onto this fad anytime soon. And unless they add a half dozen more flavors – at the very least chocolate – I predict they’ll be gone soon enough. Even the requisite “I Love the 00’s” show that VH-1 will air in about ten years will forget they existed.

Now, can someone tell me where’s the nearest TCBY?

Jillian’s review of Pinkberry from last November…

12 thoughts on “Pinkberry is the poor man’s Cantaloop”

  1. As long as Scoops on Heliotrope is open, I’ll never go to another Pinkberry again (or try Cantaloop). It OWNS Pinkberry, and costs half as much.

  2. the cooler knockoff of pinkberry is mr. snowberry on weyburn in westwood. come on, MR SNOWBERRY? so funny. their logo is insane too, it’s like a 5 year olds drawing.

  3. Shhh! Stop telling everyone about Scoops! I know the secret’s already out, but I still want to hoard all of Tai’s gelato for myself!

    (I tried another Pinkberry knock off: Rosegreen (formerly known as Roseberry) in Glendale. Slightly cheaper than Pinkberry, larger portions, same toppings, tastes a little creamier.)

  4. I’ve tried Cantaloop a couple times since it opened… mostly because it’s so close to my apt. and it’s open about an hour later then most places in the area.

    It was good, the pomegranate flavor tastes a bit like they messed up rasberry and went with a last-minute name change to save the batch.

    But cash only? Really? I think all business that don’t take credit cards ought to have a large sign out front that says, “WARNING: CASH ONLY” rather than the small sign taped the cash register.

  5. Fiore in Little Tokyo has four flavors (green tea, original, blackberry, and raspberry+pomegranate) … their toppings are better and the decor is much better. ;)

  6. Recently, as I drove back to the temporary ‘home’ where I am currently couch surfing, I was asked to make a stop at the PinkBerry at Olympic/Sawtelle in WLA. Being in no position to say “no”, I agreed– and by doing so, marched myself straight into my version of hell.

    It was like the cast of Akiro Kurosawa’s adaptation of DAWSON’S CREEK all went out for shitty trendy yogurt, at the same fucking time!!!!

    The line took four hours to get to the counter; and a still as yet unconfirmed number of us died while waiting amongst the schlocky objects for sale/people blithering on their Blackberrys/etc/, etc…..

    Best of all was the employee who came from behind the counter to remind one group of newly minted converts that the signs DO say that no photography is allowed on the premises.

    Wouldn’t want those super bitchin’ trade secrets just suddenly popping up on Al-Jazeera, now would we?

    When a yogurt shop begins to employ such security methods, maybe it’s about time we all revisit such anachronistic concepts as sanity and propriety.

    Think about it: A fucked up war/war policy is okay; but you can’t take a picture inside a Pinkberry without special clearances?

    Jesus, no wonder the rest of the world hates this country….

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