Did you get your power bill last month?

Last week I received a red FINAL NOTICE from the DWP. I found this extremely interesting, since I never received a first notice for this particular bill. Also of interest was the fact that they didn’t send an envelope with the bill.

Annoyed, I found a location where I could pay in person (to be fair, they do provide a list on the back of the bill – but what if I had a 9-5 I couldn’t leave?) and headed over with the bill and my checkbook.


The payment process was painless, though parking did cost me a dollar. What I’m wondering is, was this just a fluke? Did anyone else miss their power bill last month? And why the heck didn’t they send me an envelope?

6 thoughts on “Did you get your power bill last month?”

  1. I think something happened with their last billing cycle. I got my bill, and I went to pay it online (they have online bill pay on their site), and the online due date was a month later than the date printed on hard-copy bill.

  2. My last DWP bill was all P and no W — quick call to confirm that my water meter was not functioning. First strange thing ever.

  3. I usually wait for the RED notice. I’m a slacker (not by choice). I pay online, it’s fast and painless.

    Happy knitting.

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