Question of the Week: What Are L.A.’s Greatest Worst Kept Secrets?


I know nobody likes a rat. But what fun is keeping a secret if you can share it with someone? And by someone, of course, I mean your fellow readers and writers at Metroblogging L.A….

Here’s just a handful of the secrets I know:

We’ve mentioned Bob Hope Airport here to death, and Ben previously outed the Hyperion Tavern as our city’s coolest pseudo-secret dive bar… at least as far as we know… but what other secrets of Los Angeles are being suppressed?

…photo by rocket ship, used under Creative Commons

14 thoughts on “Question of the Week: What Are L.A.’s Greatest Worst Kept Secrets?”

  1. Gah!!!!! Parking! There’s nothing to see here! Its a lie I tell you! These are not the droids you’re looking for. Move along…move along…

    Damnit, now I want some animal style.

  2. Gah!!!!! Parking! There’s nothing to see here! Its a lie I tell you! These are not the droids you’re looking for. Move along…move along…

    Ditto with Bob Hope Airport.

    For the love of gawd, do NOT fly out of Burbank….stick with LAX.

    I and my valley neighbors, thank you ; )

  3. ANGUS Street in SILVER LAKE. When you are driving north on Griffith Park Blvd. and traffic is backed up on Hyperion – take Angus (the last street before you would take a right on Hyperion). Angus will take you all the way to Ivanhoe School on Rowena thereby skipping the gridlock on Hyperion/Rowena. Ironically, I learned this secret by attending a neighborhood council meeting against a condo on Angus where the residents complained about cut thru traffic and I thought to myself… hmmm…!

  4. Oakwood, crosstown from La Cienega to Silver Lake (though you do have to jog over to Beverly or Melrose to get past the Country Club). There are a lot of stop signs, but it is still much faster than bumper to bumper traffic on the big streets.

    As an added bonus, Oakwood dead-ends across Vermont from the 101 on-ramp. By jumping on the freeway there, and off again at Silver Lake (without even merging on to the freeway proper) you avoid the whole clusterfuck of the Virgil/Temple/Beverly intersection.

  5. CD: Most yellow zones I’ve seen aren’t accompanied by signs. Also, when signs are up they tend to say “loading zone only from 8am-6pm”, etc., but don’t expressly indicate that parking is available the rest of the time. I don’t think its a matter of not being able to read, but that people know fighting a parking ticket is a pain in the ass.

    Josh: whats on this secret menu?

  6. CHEAPER COFFEE. If you order your coffee “to go” at Coffee, Bean & Tea then it is cheaper than if you get it “for here”. Same cup etc. just you save on sales tax – something about where the company is incorporated or something.

  7. SECRET PARKING AT THE BEVERLY CONNECTION (across from the Beverly Center, where the Daily Grill is). If you drive down to the basement – past the VALET parking sign – there are a slew of available parking spaces which is very convenient because the rest of the parking garage is aways full. This used to be a secret only my closest and dearest friends knew (and they were sworn to secrecy), but now that I live on the eastside and never drive west of La Brea unles I absolutely have to (can you say assholes-on-cel-phones-in-SUVs?) well, FUCK IT the scret is out to all my new friends on Metroblogging-LA.

  8. Whoa! Can’t wait to jam on that GUITAR HERO II game at the Hyperion Tavern with those awesome players getting ready for that Guitar Hero II on May 12, 2007 in LA! ROCK ON! I need some GUITAR HERO 80s hits so bad!…

  9. trix: Has nothing to do with state of incorporation. Eat-in and take-out are taxed differently.

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