Something’s Brewing


Even though “The Brewery” is squarely in Lincoln Heights, when they became an “art colony” I swore that I would never go back there and even made it one of my places to avoid. After their campaign against being part of the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council, (when they refused to be neighborly and desperately wanted to be part of the Downtown neighborhood council) one of their spokespersons had this summary of my neighborhood:

“While we don’t have any hostility [toward] our neighbors in Lincoln Heights, we don’t have much in common,” Levy said. “They have the interests that would be typical in the community–street maintenance, crime–but the interests that our population has are quite different.”

That makes it even clearer that I wanted nothing to do with this place. Screw you and your dismissive tone!

But that was around six years ago, maybe the colonists have changed their tune in the meantime. Our local drinking club has even made a few fun excursions to Barbara’s (a hat tip to the local borrachos!) so being the peacemaker that I am, I decided to let bygones be bygones, water under the Main St. bridge. Time to check out the Brewery in all its glory: a trip to the Brewery Art Walk!

But wouldn’t you know it, someone accidentally borrowed my camera. (Me la vas a pagar, cabrona!) Oh well, might as well dust off the pen and paper and get in the artistic spirit, time to take pics and notes the old fashioned way!

Yeah, my scribbling is sloppy and I failed remedial stickman drawing, I already know. If that bothers you, don’t click ahead. But somehow I think I’ll fit right in.

You can find the Brewery on Main St. quite easily, as the front entrance is one of the ugliest buildings around (see drawing above). Across the street is the site where the LAPD is building a new bomb squad unit, surely there’s a metaphor for the picking in there.


Lots of people are walking around looking kinda lost, but I think thats the point of this event. Most of them look nothing like the majority of my neighbors in Lincoln Heights, but I kinda expected that to be the case. They’re looking at the art and looking at the artists living space. Studio 239 has a massive wine fridge packed with bottles but there were too many fancy people to try an old fashioned wine run. Plus, I don’t have enough backup, better stay on my best behavior.


Some dude named Ted Meyer does art stuff with scars, some of it looks interesting.


There’s still a Pabst bulletin board from back in the good old days.


Out in the parking lot the organizers setup tables, chairs, and booze dispensaries. The booze lines were very long. Is alcohol a requirement for the enjoyment of art? Maybe it is, and in the interest of “getting it” I decide it’s time to join the fray.


There’s a bar at the Brewery named Barbara’s and they have some decent beers on tap, most notably those from Pasadena based Craftsman Brewing Company, make it a 1903 for me. The usually smug staff were no different today, though at least now they have a good reason: the place was packed. Oh geez, they’ve raised the price to 6 bucks. And it’s for a plastic cup, I can’t use that in my kitchen! Somehow that seems quite appropriate, considering that gentrification tends to have that very effect on the cost of living. One is enough for me, I need to soak in some more culture!


The Rent-a-Cops are from a company called Reel Security, them film people sure are clever.


Outside of the eatery, a nice row of (maybe) empty kegs. I sure could use another brew kettle. Best behavior, best behavior!


And now, a reason I think art is whack. A nice collage titled “The Elucidation of Sorrow”, composed of photo clippings (magazines?) is going for $4400. Yeah fucking right! If I bought that piece, at that price, I would truly be the clear expression of fucking sorrow! Ni papas, I’ll make one myself.

Next door was the “Church of Art” which despite the terrible, terrible name, was actually some vato with lots of horns and instruments playing some entertaining music. Change your name fool, everyone hates church!

And right about here I decided I’d had enough culture, there’s only so much one can stomach. Besides, I had to get back to my own homebrewing, the literal making of beer. I don’t despise the non-beer making “Brewery” as much as I once did, but somehow, I’m in no hurry to go back.

For an interesting mix of art and brewing, check out what some friends are up to.

Quote I heard a few times: “It’s raining.”

Favorite overheard quote of the day, from the lips of some loud blonde dude: “That makes me not want to be part of the world. I’m going to hermit myself.” Knock yourself out.



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