Hang Up and Drive !!!


When someone takes the time to print up a homemade sign and affix it to their car window just to tell you not to talk on your cellphone while you drive, maybe its about time you paid attention. And really, is the information you’re conveying so important that it’s worth being distracted from operating a machine known to kill buckets of people every year? Unless you have info on impending nuclear annihilation or a tip on a free beer giveaway, the answer is no.

2 thoughts on “Hang Up and Drive !!!”

  1. i got pulled over on the 405 cause some dumbass was on the phone in the fast lane doing 60. i got ticketed for following too closely.

    Cell phones and Driving dont mix.

  2. i agree with you that it is annoying for someone to be doing only 60 in the fast lane, and i especially agree that people should not drive while on the phone, but that also does not justify tailgating. just drive around them.

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