Hot Fuzz at the Arclight gets hotter, fuzzier

Picture%2010.pngThe film geek that I am, I was already excited about going to see the opening night screening of “Hot Fuzz” with a scheduled Q&A after with director Edgar Wright. After the movie, though, the audience was surprised by the appearance of director Eli Roth (“Cabin Fever”, “Hostel”), who pointed out he had nothing to do with “Hot Fuzz”, but was really there to introduce… Jack Black.

Jack Black walked out triumphantly to explain that he also had no hand in “Hot Fuzz”, but was there to introduce… Quentin Tarantino.

As an Angeleno film goer, Tarantino’s presence seems as common as spotting, say Dennis Woodruff or Melrose Larry Green, but still very cool none the less. While his name was in the credits of “Hot Fuzz”, he also explained he was only there to introduce not only director Edgar Wright, but also stars Nick Frost and Simon Pegg (who co-wrote the movie with Wright).

While the Q&A offered little in the way of film insight or gossip, audience members who asked question were hand delivered a DVD of “Bad Boys 2” or “Lethal Weapon” by director Eli Roth, who seemed to relish working as an Arlight page for the evening. Also popping in to wave to the audience was “Hot Fuzz” castmate Paddy Considine (who I remember most from his starring role from “In America”), and Zoe Bell from “Deathproof” (aka Tarantino’s half of “Grindhouse”).

(also in the wings was the most badass p.r. exec ever, Paulette Osorio from Rogue Pictures.)

Quentin Tarantino kept the audience (and cast) hostage by refusing to end the Q&A until he could reward three more DVDs to people who asked questions he deemed worthy.

I’m sure other readers here were present at the 5pm or 8pm screenings, so I’ll let them fill in any details…

4 thoughts on “Hot Fuzz at the Arclight gets hotter, fuzzier”

  1. That sounds awesome – though I’d have been frustrated with Tarantino there when there were far better filmmakers I’d have come to see (ie: Pegg and Wright).

    I caught the premiere last night – with much less fanfare, clearly – but it was a nearly sold out house. Laughter wasn’t as forthcoming as I’d have thought in some parts, but I’m not sure everyone else there had, like I have, and immense, undying love for Pegg/Wrights’ body of work (Spaced, Shaun, etc). Most were Shaun veterans, I’m sure.

    Great flick though. Would’ve loved to have seen Pegg make some commentary first – I’m jealous!

  2. Lance: As a HUGE “Sean of the Dead” fan, I was a trite disappointed. There was a lot of fun stuff in Hot Fuzz, but it didn’t feel as compact and unrelenting as Sean… still, my girlfriend loved it, and she’s as picky as I am.
    I’ve never attended a more fun Q&A though… I have huge respect for guys like Tarantino and Eli Roth who were clearly going out of their way to make sure the diehard film fans were having a good time.

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