Baby-buying scare a hoax

Yep, that baby-buying scare was too good to be true:

That nefarious man whom the LAPD reported was trying to buy babies from Encino nannies turns out to have been a complete hoax.

Turns out one of the nannies was incapable of thinking of a more graceful way to quit her job, the Times reports:

Los Angeles Police Department spokesman Lt. Paul Vernon said that the nanny who originally told police about the man admitted she made the story up in hopes she would no longer have to go to the park with the baby she cared for.

Authorities said the woman’s tale was spread by other nannies and mothers on various websites, causing widespread concern in the neighborhood and beyond.

2 thoughts on “Baby-buying scare a hoax”

  1. neener neeener neeeeener….told you it was an old urban legend and just because “LAPD” is attached doesn’t make it so. At least they clean up their hoax and put it right. Pity the poor sitter who now filed a false report.

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