Are you Red Flagged?

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All this talk about Red Flag zones and no parking on Red Flag days – do you know if that’s you?

Go check it out!

Get a map by clicking on your district number (or search for your address), and prepare to be surprised. You can also sign up to get a call or an email on restriction days.

According to the site, “the Department of Transportation just completed making 1700 new signs that will be in place by January 1, 2006. ”

Hmmm. There sure aren’t any on my street or in my neighborhood, yet wouldn’t you know it we’re smack in the middle of a red flag zone, and until I checked the website we had no idea. Nothing mailed to us, no notice left, and no signs anywhere.

What a lovely surprise to find my car had been towed with no warning – Wherefore art thou, Brian Humphrey?

What I meant to say was, ” What a lovely surprise it would have been to find my car had been towed.” My car has not been towed. Sorry for any confusion.

6 thoughts on “Are you Red Flagged?”

  1. Damn…towed, that means endless hours doing a don quixote to get it fixed or just roll over and had them a wallet.

  2. LAFD used to have the red flag as an RSS feed, available at:

    however, they “upgraded” their website and removed the RSS, giving people who live in red flag zones the ability to sign up for yet another website where they can email you or telephone you.

    while I like the automated telephone idea, the RSS feed gave people (okay, me and maybe a few other geeks) the ability to create scripts based on the XML return. It also showed up for free in my newsreader without having to subscribe to a service or have to remember yet another damn password/username combination.

    send an email to [email protected] and to [email protected] to ask about getting the red flag RSS back running.

  3. also, when you click on your council district to look at the map, while the red areas are “red flag areas” only the bright red streets are the ones with parking restrictions.

  4. Hi Ruth, and an extremely belated thanks for the book!! We’re making good use of it, and I will soon find some way to offer more personal thanks.

    While I do a sophomoric job of maintaining the LAFD.ORG site (because quite frankly, no one else will) as well as the LAFD News & Information blog (which is more fun but still amateurish), I had to long ago distance myself technically from the Red Flag site and its parallel issues.

    My blood boils brow furrows when I think of how much better different the whole project could and should be – but I’m not in charge.

    Yes, I’ll still be reporting the facts to the media and public as I know them in a timely fashion, but given the immense challenges our office already faces, I just couldn’t take on another task as an army of one.

    That much said, please know that I do care, and welcome the opportunity to hear the concerns of folks here at B/LA.

    Respectfully Yours (off duty at the moment)


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