Wow, I found Randee Of The Redwoods…

RandeeOfTheRedwoods.jpgIt was on accident, but I found him. If you remember MTV’s Randee Of The Redwoods then you are officially old (like myself). The other day someone mentioned to me that I should check out the comedian named Jim Turner because he’s “really funny” and he is currently doing a monthly comedy night at Largo. There isn’t much info about Jim online, from what I can tell he doesn’t even have a website. But his next show at Largo is on April 30th and I think I’m going. I’m really hoping that he does his Randee character and Fiona Apple is sitting next to me while that happens. But I am based a tiny bit in reality and I’m gonna guess that neither happens. Homeboy’s Wikipedia page was one of the only places I could really find any info on the guy.

Anyone seen Jim Turner before? Is he funny? Does he do Randee? What’s the score?

Heaven & Hell (aka BLACK SABBATH) are playing in 9 days! A little thing called TAIL-GATE! Maybe you’ve heard of it?

3 thoughts on “Wow, I found Randee Of The Redwoods…”

  1. 1977…right on. Jim Turner is great. No doubt about it. I saw Jim together with his sometimes partner in crime Mark Fite in a two man show about 11 years ago. Twas at a small theatre (now torn down) on Cahuenga just north of Hollywood. The set was called Booze Bags. Damn, so funny…so memorable.

    Mark is a cast member of Bob’s Holiday Party that plays every year at Xmas around town. He also has a thing called Two Legged Dog that I have been meaning to check out. Perhaps Jim is part of that too? I don’t know.

    Randee was good but Jim has other great characters up his sleeves as well. I may have to check out the Largo show myself.

    “If You Listen To Fools…….”


  2. I haven’t ever seen his standup before, but I have seen him on dlife on CNBC on Sundays. It’s a show about Diabetes (Jim is Type1) and he is pretty funny on the show. I loved Randee of the Redwoods and I would love to find some of his old stuff from the MTV days….

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