Question of the Week: Best Places to Have Public Sex?

voyeur.jpgAfter writing about sexual activities in the men’s restrooms at UCLA, I got to thinking: why should gay men have all the fun?

Surely there’s got to be a lot better places around the city of L.A. where people of all sexual orientations can “get it on” that are just as risky, but likely more appealing than a bathroom.

Because I’m creepy, the first place that comes to mind would be right behind Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.’s sarcophagus at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. (Inside of a display tent at REI would also be pretty cool.)

Anyway, its Spring, love is in the air, and its always more exciting with the chance of being caught.

So, L.A., where’s some fun, interesting, or even practical public spaces for making love?

…photo by Shanghai Sky, used under Creative Commons

13 thoughts on “Question of the Week: Best Places to Have Public Sex?”

  1. I see people at public parks going at it under blankets all the time. Griffith Park, Echo Park, Elysian Park … wtf?!

  2. in the LAX parking garage during a layover. Also, behind a black angus during one particular night i was feeling frisky.

  3. LA County Museum of Natural History.

    Not that I’ve done it- I just used to work there and took note of the many nooks and crannies.

  4. Popular spot I know of is the art piece/bell tower/ speaker tower at the center of Cal State Long Beach. Little space to tuck in there at the bottom, during the evening hours.

  5. Elevator in Macy’s in Santa Monica

    New furnished loft in downtown while posing as perspective buyers

    Creepy old abandoned building in downtown while it was being used as film set

  6. a great hookup spot in downtown is the alley of the entrance to Edison Bar or the city hall bathroom on the engineering floor i believe its the 10th floor. those city employees really know how to give great fellacio …

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