20 thoughts on “Parking Tard of the Day: Tailgate Party”

  1. Damn…had a run in, no kidding? Here’s what I do, walk up and take a picture including the license plate. They always ask why I did that and I tell them I blog inconsiderate assholes and like the world to see their face and ID. I walk away with them swearing like some sort of individual that

  2. That’s nothing. I live 2 blocks from North Hollywood Park. Not only do I see assholes standing in the road playing catch all the time, there was once a lady flying a kite in the intersection! Did these people miss the remedial ‘understanding what roads are for’ class?

  3. Wow! You appear to have some serious get-a-life issues!
    Number 1, environmentally, paper is not superior to plastic
    Number 2, you don’t own the street, either.
    Number 3 your tone, choice of disgusting words and superior attitude is very off putting.

    You seem to have the classic syndrome of thinking yourself extremely important and everly clever.

    I suggest getting out of the house more. There’s a whole world of problems that will keep your little temper tantrums in better perspective.

    Good Luck,

  4. Wow Heidi, appears to have life-attainment issues of her own…

    No. 1) She spells out “number” which in this day of conservation is such a waste of pixels and the corresponding amount of electricity needed to deliver them.
    No. 2) She goes and reads Laurie Ann waaaaaay the hell over here, yet somehow feels compelled to come aaaaaaall the way back here to publicly humiliate her and demonstrate a markedly trollish condescension.
    No. 3) She caps it all off with that ever-so-fetid suggestion of “getting out of the house more.” I tell ya, no matter how millions many times I hear people go to that zinger it just never gets unlame, does it!?

    I won’t close by vapidly offering lucks or by making the same mistake of attempting to offer Heidi any advice. But I will say that Laurie Ann’s tantrum over parking tardsesses kicks mondo ass over Heidi’s righteous tantrum over her.

  5. and i guess endlessly using the phrase troll to describe someone who disagrees with one of the metroblog staff “writers” never gets unlame, does it?

  6. Speaking of trolls: GM’s come out of hiding! I see you’ve reduced signing your waferthin comments to just mine and other metbloggers initials. How trollishly clever. That’s fucking trolltastic!

    And in terms of disagreeing, allow me to point out to you, you sniping dustbunny, that Heidi’s not disagreeing with our Annika, she’s disagreeing with Laurie Ann who as I pointed out is waaaaaay elsewhere, but nice trollerific try.

  7. Yeah, Will… I just wanna say “hey – fuck that dude” but that wouldn’t be too cool, now would it? So I won’t say it. I wouldn’t be referring to GM now – just his myriad aliases…

    At least I use my true screen name and Email addy.

    Parking spaces? Yeah, I miss my old 1973 Ford LTD with the 6 mpg engine, dented doors and military strength steel bumpers from 20 years ago. I’d roll up to a parking spot and people like Laurie Ann’s tormenters would flee the scene like crack dealers approached by the LAPD lest I simply push their car back where it belongs. I know, inappropriate aggro behavior – but when you’re 19 years old with a big ass frugly rustbucket of a car, nobody gives you any grief. Maybe a spike strip next time!

  8. I would say that Laurie Ann’s “righteous” tirade against parking jackasses falls a bit flat, in light of the fact that there were clearly plenty of parking spaces available on that block. At this point I would say that neither the wrong-way parker nor Laurie Ann come off very attractively in this particular instance of molehill/mountain transmogrification. Surely there are more important things to get angry about.

    P.S. If anybody types anything the least bit uncivil to me regarding this comment, I will be sure to write a self-righteously angry blog post describing my hellish ordeal here at Metroblogging LA and declaring that this, folks, is why I don’t get out on the net anymore. So don’t even think about it, you meanies!

  9. Dear Daniel:
    The spot across the street was not open when I pulled up. There is a red zone that begins about 1-1/2 feet to the right of the left side tree and extends to about halfway in front of the next building. You can’t see the fire hydrant in the picture. Also, you can’t see that after the right tree is a driveway, which is not a parking space. There are NOT plenty of parking spaces on the block. There are many red zones and driveways, and parking on this street is made more difficult by neighboring night clubs and businesses.

    Also, as I said over on my blog, I PAY to park here. These people were not residents of this block and did not have a parking pass.

    Dear Heidi:
    Usually, I carry my own reusable bags to the store. However, I didn’t think I’d be getting a lot so I didn’t grab them this time. But I still think that choosing paper over plastic is better because paper is easier to recycle for most people.

    No, I don’t own the street and I didn’t get out and fight. I moved on and parked at the end of the block, the only spot left. I DO, however, pay for parking and it’s extremely frustrating to have to drive around the block to find parking when there are two perfectly good spots right there being used for a chat. Go to Starbucks if you want to catch up.

    I just reread my blog post–twice. I am not sure which words you find disgusting. I was extremely polite when addressing these people. Maybe it doesn’t come out that way in print. I was politely asking them to park properly. The girl was rude in her response.

    Yes, I realize there are bigger problems in the world. I have LIVED them. However, I’m not that girl. I don’t discuss politics and get up in arms about the problems of the world. MY blog is about ME. Feel free not to read it.

    Dear Will:
    Thank you.

  10. As much as I love you guys, I’m going to have to agree with Daniel on this one.

    For one thing, at least the driver of the car was right there and you could tell the whole thing was just temporary. And it would have been a different thing if Laurie had confronted the two people while in her car, making it obvious she was in dire need of a parking spot.

  11. I think it’s obvious from Laurie’s original post that she DID confront the bitches from her car. She took the picture later, obviously. I would guess that she probably took the photo as an afterthought.

    Also, I have finally figured out what the hell Heidi was talking about: MY use of the word cunt. I think she was confused.

  12. Unless you’re talking about the etymology of the word itself, no one deserves to have the word “cunt” pointed at them any more than people need to be called (insert the racial slur of your choice here), IMHO.

    We can be cleverer and more cutting than that when flexing the old “brute-insulting people whom we dislike” muscles, can’t we?

  13. wow, you do sound really upset over this.

    sorry if i mis-read her post, but it didn’t seem that obvious to me but now i know, since she said it herself in the comment above.

  14. Ditto what Mack said about the c-word. It’s the one I least go two verbally and only once did I type it wayback in college and that was a typo on a sports story for the school paper where I meant to type “bunt”… thank gawd for copy editors letmetellyou!

  15. Mack, I respectfully disagree about the severity of the word, but I can definitely agree that it is lazy. Next time I will try to choose my wording more carefully. (That said, I think my use of the word “tard” is shameful, and regret it.)

    M, it is not that I am upset so much as shocked that so many readers apparently think it is A-OK to take up two spaces on the wrong side of the street in order to have a conversation. I thought their behavior was utterly horrifying and honestly expected that to be the general consensus.

    I also have the good fortune to know first-hand what a nice person Laurie is and I am horrified that so many people attacked her for what I considered a funny post about a genuine irritant. I would not have linked to it if I thought people would be so nasty.

  16. personally I love the word its an instant hot button when you need to inflame a situation

  17. Annika wrote:

    I thought their behavior was utterly horrifying

    I think war, exploitation, child abuse, cruelty, and callous indifference to human suffering are utterly horrifying.

    I think that rude parking behavior is annoying and lame.

    I think that not being able (or perhaps willing) to distinguish between “utterly horrifying” and “annoying and lame” is unfortunate.

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