Youthful Indiscretions at Project: Gallery Tonight

youthful%20indiscretions.jpgI’m a huge fan of Project: Gallery because (1) they have a great sense for up-and-coming artists; (2) they make a point of working with new collectors, helping them develop an eye for what’s great and pricing art reasonably so it’s affordable; (3) their art openings are FUN (once people started breakdancing in the gallery!); and (4) they’re really, really nice. Mike Siegel & Beau Basse of Project don’t put on snooty airs–even though they moved into Culver City recently, where lotsa galleries are Too Cool For You (not sixspace! ;)

They even recently quit their day jobs to dedicate themselves to the gallery. I think it’s incredibly cool to find gallerists who’ve made the leap of faith many artists have to make: quit that secure, stable yet soul-sucking day job to risk everything for your passion.

Their show tonight features four up-and-comers who work with themes of youth; in all their work there’s that subtle tang of entropy that informs childhood, that sense of impending doom and the fear of the unknown that forms an equal and opposing force to childhood’s innocence and security. The hunter in Bambi’s woods, if you will.

Project: Gallery is at 8545 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232.