The hills are alive…

Fire & smoke coming over the hills.…with flames(?). Again(?). dust. No again. This is a dust storm.

With this crazy wind, I hope the fire can be controlled. (?) no one gets hurt .

I just took this photo with my camera phone (you can see my reflection off the glass). Taken from Sunset & Vine, on a floor near the top. I noticed this at around 12:45pm and it’s definitely gotten worse.)

The fire trucks are on their way because I can hear the sirens now. (?) Dunno what those sirens are for, but they’re going somewhere.

UPDATE: Question marks added because this might just be a dust storm. But I can hear sirens for sure. Maybe the sirens are for something else.

UPDATE to UPDATE: Current updates in italics. Sorry for the lamest post evarrrrrrr! But from my vantage point, it really did look like smoke. And I did and still do hear sirens.

One thought on “The hills are alive…”

  1. Just got a text from my friend driving through the area. It is indeed dust from the barren hills. Her car is being pelted with all sorts of debris.

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