Guess what UCLA’s Haines Hall is famous for?

peephole.jpgDon’t expect to find this on your next campus tour: discussing reported gay sexual activity in the restrooms at UCLA, one student told the Daily Bruin’s Ben Thaler:

“Royce is the most popular, but Haines is known for its holes,” the student said, referring to openings made between stalls that are used to initiate sexual contact.

Both the anonymous student and Ronni Sanlo of UCLA’s LGBT Campus Resource Center indicated bathroom sex was appealing to some because of its thrill, but more so because they feel “they have no other way to express their sexuality.”

“The notion for (some men) to admit they are gay is deeply painful, so for many people it is easier to participate in sexual behavior rather than apply labels,” Sanlo said.

Another LGBT Rep added “many of the men who participate in restroom sex may not identify as gay.”

Personally, I’m more offended by other guys who pee all over the seat or don’t flush. I could care less if they have sex in the stalls – just clean up after yourselves… and don’t poke me in the eye.

…photo by 4BluEyes, used under Creative Commons

6 thoughts on “Guess what UCLA’s Haines Hall is famous for?”

  1. I could have told you that…

    …not from experience though, I swear. I noticed a glory hole in one of the stalls in Haines when I was there.

    Though really, freaky shit goes on in a lot of places. Like the quote said, sex in the Royce bathrooms, I know hetero couples like to do it in URL (I’m old, and refuse to call it YRL), and I’ve even heard of people just pulling it out and start whacking off in the CLICC lab. When I was there, the Daily Bruin’s weekly crime report was usually good for one public indecency offense.

    Once I was in a stall in Dodd, and I swear the guy in the next stall was masturbating. He was breathing really quickly, and I could make out his shadow on the floor. I got out as quickly as I could.

  2. Wow, I wouldn’t be surprised if UCLA couples were doing it in YRL. Some parts of it are so secluded, so I don’t think anyone would know. Whacking off in the CLICC Lab is news to me, though.

  3. Attention: Gay sex unrelated:

    When I was at UCLA, we commonly referred to the bathroom in the folklore department (first floor, Public Policy) as the “BSOC” – Best Shitter on Campus. It is pristine, always empty, and always within running distance from Dodd, Haines, Bunche, etc. I suggest you check it out!

    And now, back to the gay sex.

  4. Speaking of clean bathrooms, the 4th floor Ackerman Union men’s bathroom has so many stalls to accomodate events for the Grand Ballroom. But since most of the time it’s not in use, it’s almost always empty.

  5. That’s actually 3rd floor Ackerman, but you’re absolutely right. On slow weekends when I worked in BookZone, rather than using the dingy employee bathroom, I’d take the elevator up all the way to floor 3 to use that bathroom.

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