Dear Metroblogging… about my $270 parking ticket

Found this in our “suggest a story” inbox:

I must bow to the supreme knowledge of the metroblogging network for this, and hope you can help. This morning I found a $270 parking ticket on my car!!! It said I was parked in a bus zone, but the address is wrong on the ticket and I was parked next to an obviously gray curb. WTF? The only thing close to a clue is that there was a Metro “Layover” sign about 50 feet away. I’m obviously going to contest, but does anyone have any idea what the hell is up with that?

Parking Nazis will Pay

Dear PNWP,

The main red flag here is that the address was wrong on the ticket. Are you sure you didn’t get the ticket somewhere else, and only notice it when you were in the grey zone? And can you find out if the address on the ticket is in fact a designated bus zone?

Color me skeptical, but I don’t see why a “parking nazi” would put an incorrect address on a ticket – those guys are vicious, but they can spread enough of their evil by following the law instead of risking being caught fudging ticket details.


Supreme Knowledge Guy in Training

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8 thoughts on “Dear Metroblogging… about my $270 parking ticket”

  1. Thanks SKGT!

    That was me. . . .The address thing is weird, but it’s a street that intersects the one I was parked on, so maybe he is just stupid.

    I have faith in the Metroblogging community, though, so perhaps others like you can help me out.


  2. Color me skeptical, but I don’t see why a “parking nazi” would put an incorrect address on a ticket

    Dude, you obviously don’t remember the last conversation about this:

    Between that comment thread, and my experience with having a police officer issue me a traffic ticket for something I didn’t do and then lie about it in court, I have no doubt that a “parking nazi” would put an incorrect address on a ticket:

  3. Sorry, this doesn’t surprise me at all. I posted this last time this subject came up…but…I was ticketed last summer for parking downtown in a red zone when I wasn’t even downtown. I fought the ticket and lost because I had no proof I wasn’t there …my word against theirs. Bad thing was, I didn’t get the ticket (in the mail, there was never one on my car) until the fee had already gone up. $140 down the drain and a lot of time/energy spent fighting it :(

  4. Hy dude (chick? ) who got the ticket- did you check to see if it was indeed for YOUR car? Maybe someone gave you their ticket, because they thaought you would not be paying attention to the details of th ecar make and plate number and all. I have heard of this being done, sepically whwn it is the same car make and color. (I was told this by a parking cop as he was issuing like 15 tickets to dumb asses who park on Hyperion Ave during Friday street cleaning times)

  5. I can believe it. fuck, I once parked, completely legally, outside my girlfriend’s apt. late at night; when I got up the next morning, my car had been impounded because it was “in a marked tow-away construction zone.” of course, the crew had put the tow-away signs up early in the morning, hours after I’d parked there, then towed my car anyway. it cost me something like $150 to retrieve it; when I contested the fine, the traffic court judge–a complete civil service retard fuckstick–just said “as far as I can tell, my officer did nothing wrong” & refused to overturn it. your odds of getting them to rat out one of their own are slim.

  6. was your correct license plate listed on the ticket?

    typos happen. if your plate was right but the addy was wrong, you’re probably outta luck.

  7. welcome to parking hell. I got cited in Pasadena a couple of years ago. The kicker..the meter hadn’t expired yet and the ticket was written for a time after it would expire. Yes, the time was written for after it would expire. My son discovered that when we were on the freeway home that we still had 5 minutes to go before the alleged time on the ticket. I tried to fight it and got screwed…no proof. I now boycott Pasadena.

  8. I was living in Koreatown the last year with my girlfriend. There aren’t any parking spaces at night time within a mile of our place… Seriously the only time I parked on vermont my car was broken into… Now flash forward, I’ve had my acura repossesed by the opg and its been auctioned.. I still have $3,000 worth of tickets from the last year I have no intention of fighting, but damnit if it doesn’t kill me that they still want the money, and yet I can’t afford to pay this many tickets before my credit is ruined… I’m 21 years old, its too soon to file bankrupcy but I’m close to the point of no return. As far as I know, there is no payment plan for tickets in la, or ca for that matter, but am I still screwed for sure? Can anyone point me in the direction of consolidationg 30 tickets all months overdue that are burning a hole in my happiness? I don’t want to fight, I need them paid, but why can’t there be any reasoning with the california parking enforcement bureau’s
    supervisors or managers?

    Plz, email me with any information regarding a very detailed dilema which is beyond the normal area of internet advice?

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