Arting Around Downtown

velvet.jpgSo, tonight’s the Gallery Row Artwalk Downtown. This eminently walkable (and bikable–don’t forget the art ride!) tour af artsy fartsyness is joined tonight by something even cooler. At 5th and Spring, in Charlie O’s (myspace) (501 S. Spring), the bar of the Alexandria Hotel, will be a one-off performance by some of downtown’s artists and creative mainstays you’ll never see again.

Inspired by the blue velvet curtains lining the place, Terry Ellsworth’s Homage to Blue Velvet will take over one of the cheesiest dives downtown and transform it into a cool blue heaven. All the lights will be blue; performances will be built upon and expand from inspiration from David Lynch’s most elegant, moody film. konrad.jpgEllsworth, who acts as helpmmeet, Cyrano, and bartender to much of Downtown’s art world, has recruited friend and sixspace artist Emmeric Konrad to do a live painting midway through the mysterious program of performances, and word on the street is that there’ll be several lovely muses in the buff or singing their hearts out, all against a background of shifting, shimmering blue.

Hopefully this event will go off fabulously, in which case maybe, just maybe, the Alexandria will let the artists of downtown into their carefully guarded, unseen-for-decades underground ballroom, with its glass ceiling. oooo!AlexandriaInside.gif

The performance art / live painting / music / dance / singing / screening of the film begins at 7:30pm.

Images courtesy Emmeric Konrad & the Alexandria.