Quotable Bloggers x5

Photo by April Marie, who explains: “i generally hate all female arousal euphemisms (i.e. “gets me hot,” “gets me wet,” whatever) so i say this instead. there you go.”

“The LAPD’s stretched thinner than a Trojan on John Holmes’ distended cock.”
Stephen Blackmoore, LA Noir, regarding an appeal to overturn Special Order 40, the 30 year old policy that prevents local police offers from determining the immigration status of suspects.

“You know when you’ve been in LA too long when you bundle up in three layers in anticipation of it being ‘only’ 66 degrees.”Lori MacBlogger

“If Sam Zell is the future of the newspaper industry then the newspaper industry is dead–you heard it here first.”Jason Calacanis

“I can call Imus a piece of poor-white-cracker-honkey-trash on my blog, but I won’t…”Glozell

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