Hollywood Palladium to be restored, managed by Live Nation

While not as cool as as my fantasy of NBC renovating the Palladium and renaming it “Studio 60”, the good news is that the Palladium will be getting a major facelift from Live Nation, “the world’s largest live music company”.

Per a press release from City Council President Eric Garcetti’s office, Live Nation CEO Bruce Eskowitz and Garcetti announced today that Live Nation “will enter into a long-term lease agreement to operate, manage and book” the 66 year old venue.

Plans include:

…adding major upgrades to the stage infrastructure to accommodate larger productions. In addition, the venue will get a top to bottom overhaul of all interior and exterior areas that will bring the music hall up to date while preserving the Palladium*s original aesthetic integrity. The renovation will begin immediately and the venue is expected to re-open in Fall 2008.

Early last year the Palladium was close to being sold and possibly razed and coverted into a mixed-use housing development (from FreeLibrary.com).

Now that he’s helped secure the future of the Palladium, what can Garcetti do about getting “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” back on the air?

*NOTED: In the comments below, Will reminds me about his post that clearly disagrees with my affinity for the Studio 60 interpretation.

…photo by Donna Grayson, used under Creative Commons

7 thoughts on “Hollywood Palladium to be restored, managed by Live Nation”

  1. Will they get a renovation of their annoying security/entrance policies as well? The Palladium’s been on my “only go if there’s no other option” list of venues for some time now.

  2. Very much a relief. Hopefully they’ll be booting out them squatters known as “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” who’ve been trespassing there since last fall.

  3. Ahh, I have fond memories of the Palladium. I saw The Clash, The Ramones, Rockpile, and PJ Harvey there over the years. Anything that saves it from being torn down is good at least on some level.

  4. the security there was ridiculous. i walked over there (15 min walk from my place) with a sealed pack of cigarettes in my pocket. i couldnt bring them in. i even threw my lighter away at their request, but i had to go hide a sealed pack of cigarettes in the bushes and hope they were there upon my return. aside from that, the palladium has had some of the absolute worst sound at any venue in LA for quite some time now. probably been to 15 or so shows there over the years, but i stopped probably 4 years ago because i couldn’t stand the sonic diarrhea being blasted at me by the sub-par sound system.

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