Villaraigosa Under Fire for Plan to Replace Coal-Fired Power

Good ol’ Mayor Antonio “Green” Villaraigosa is being condemned like Cal State Northridge after the 1994 quake. The Mayor’s “Green Power” Proposal has preservationists, conservationists, environmentalists (and various other fill-in-the-blankists) fuming over plans for an “85-mile-long ‘Green Path’ energy corridor designed to bring solar, geothermal and nuclear power from southeastern California and Arizona.” The path would:

slice across the Big Morongo Wildlife Preserve north of Palm Springs, Pioneertown near Yucca Valley, Pipes Canyon Wilderness Preserve and a corner of the San Bernardino National Forest before crossing over the Cajon Pass and connecting with existing power lines in Hesperia.

The impact across these regions could manifest in the form of power lines and transmission towers. Critics are saying that not only is this kind of energy consumption not “green,” but that there’s no way the ends can justify the means.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Villaraigosa hasn’t returned calls for comment, however DWP commission President David Nahai claims that no route has been officially confirmed. Nahai was appointed to the DWP post by Villaraigosa in 2005. He also currently serves as Vice-Chairman for the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission.

While Villaraigosa’s Green Power proposal isn’t promising, those willing to spend a little extra green to go green can seek solace in the LADWP’s Green Power for a Green L.A. program, which already offers the opportunity to support cleaner energy resources for Los Angeles.

LADWP’s residential Green Power Program enables you to support renewable energy by paying a small premium on your bill. The extra cost for this package is 6% or approximately $3 a month for the average customer with a monthly electricity cost of $50. Customers who sign up for Green Power will receive two complimentary compact fluorescent bulbs.

Villaraigosa should totally sign up for that program! He could use one of those fluorescent bulbs. Lit, and over his head.

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  1. And while we’re on the subject, what’s all this crap about a drought!? We have an UNLIMITED supply of water to the west of LA. All we have to do is build desalination plants. If Israel can afford it, we sure as hell can. And let’s fund some wave power research while we;re at it. The most obvious solution, etc…

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