Gold Line Graveyard

A striking story in the Times today: the MTA has launched a recent campaign to find descendants and relatives of the bodies recently recovered in Boyle Heights [LAT]. Crews working on the Gold Line in 2005 found markers and remains from over a hundred bodies, mostly Chinese immigrants, buried as early as 1885. Historians believe that the field was obscured by development in the 1920s…only a few decades after it was used to inter those who were not allowed burial in nearby Evergreen Cemetery. Broken headstones and markers, with varying levels of detail, are providing some minimal clues, but not enough to make it easy for the MTA to find the descendants or next of kin.

The MTA has the images online on their web site, and encourage anyone who may have any clues to contact them, immediately. I think this is a really noble attempt by the MTA to put back together some lost L.A. history, as well as help tell the stories of these people who dropped out of memory so quickly. If anyone reading this had ancestors who may have been early immigrants to the city, please take a look, and see if you can help fill in the missing pieces of this story.

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  1. Wow – that’s fascinating. I hadn’t heard about that yet. Good for them for making the effort to find people at all.

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