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  1. Ahhh Candy Ravers…how they annoy me when they ask me for light shows…can’t a girl dance with glow sticks in peace?

  2. I’m Australian and was living in LA for an extended period of time last year (coming back to live this year). During which time I attended 3 different events and without a doubt I must say that the Australian rave scene kicks the ass of the LA rave scene.

    You guys have no serious interest in the music other than total main stream commercial music, or bringing over international acts. The parties are all cliches and little kids running around.

    I would love to show LA what a real rave can and should be like. If you are interested in developing this concept with me around mid October, be in touch via myspace. I think the LA scene does have a lot of real potential but no real direction or purpose.


  3. Well I’ve been going to raves for over 10 years here in LA and I really don’t think you have any idea what you’re talking about. The rave scene isn’t what it used to be here, but the drum’n’bass scene is one of the best in the world.


  4. Granted I did only go to 3 events… 2 of which promised a hardcore room and didnt deliver.

    The 3 events were all very different from each other. They were all RAVES, not dance parties.

    MY girlfriend came back to Australia with me and came to one rave here, after 5 years in the LA scene, swore it was the best event she has ever been to.

    I am someone who actually has seen both scenes and the subtleties between them. So despite my lack of experience in the LA scene, I feel I am qualified to make that call

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