Easter hours

american.jpgI know this is a pretty major holiday, but I was nonetheless surprised to discover that many major chain store were closed (Toys R Us, Target). So it was without much hope that I rang up our favorite pizza place around 5:00 this evening. To my joy, they were open and delivering!

So if you’re home and in need of good pizza, see if there’s a zPizza near you. Try the wheat crust.

Anyone else got tips for who’s open on Easter?

6 thoughts on “Easter hours”

  1. Dude, I can’t belive how much stuff was closed? Has it always been like that and I just never noticed?

    We went to Target at West Hollywood Gateway, and they actually had a security guard at the bottom of the escalators telling the ongoing stream of customers that the store was closed.

  2. I was surprised that everything was closed as well. The whole Beverly Center was shut down, except for the movie theater. Walking around the empty mall was surreal. I must never have gone shopping on Easter before, because I never knew this.

  3. Maybe it’s a trade off – because so many places stay open and ask employees to work on bigger holidays (or more widely celebrated, less religious holidays) like Thanksgiving weekend, etc.

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