At the Flower Market

On Saturday, the fiance and I had a party. A shockingly classy party. A party where none of the food served was of the type that is poured into a bowl from a plastic bag. Therefore, I wanted to have fresh flowers as part of our decorating efforts. And that gave me an excuse to go to the flower district.

The Flower District is overwhelming. It’s dozens of flower vendors, all with different sources and prices on the same flowers. It’s two huge, block-sized buildings of just flowers. Normally, it’s trade-only, but a few days a week, the public can sneak in for $1 admission. And it was well worth it. We spent $33 and walked out with enough flowers for four large arrangements. Buying that much plant life retail would have run twice that cost, minimum, even at a cut-rate florist. And we weren’t the only civilians taking advantage of the public access, either, as some of the people around us were families or other couples choosing flowers together.

Photo above links to the set on Flickr. It’s pretty short – I got distracted very quickly oohing over some gorgeous striped tulips, and forgot to take more photos. But I do recommend the flower district as a Saturday morning activity. Fresh flowers are a really easy way to add some class to your home when you have to look like an adult.

2 thoughts on “At the Flower Market”

  1. In college, when I was helping my mom full-time with her flower business (some of which can be seen here), I was at the flower market every Friday at about 2 a.m. The Muranaka vendors, for example (where the above photo was taken) knew me well because I walked around in my ugliest clothes possible with a pissy, sleepy face as I brought flowers back and forth to my mom’s van.

    Hey, we were not too far from Skid Row. I had to blend in.

  2. there are public hours at the flower market every day that it is open. it’s $2 on weekdays, and $1 on saturdays.

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