I risk my life for falafel

Downtown Falafel Place

Downtown Falafel PlaceI’m not exactly sure what this place is called, but I think it’s the Main Deli. It’s on the corner of Main and 3rd downtown and I’ve seen it before but always been to afraid to check it out. Today I threw caution to the wind and assumed if I die from my lunch that’s what was meant to be. The first thing I noticed going in giant picture based menu though I was handed a smaller version with text descriptions almost seconds after walking in. It’s 99% meat kabob dishes so it was easy for me to decide on the falalfel plate. The place was a ghost town so the proprietor seemed to make everything on the spot. He didn’t have much to say, in fact I think all he said was ” for here to go?” and “five fifty please.” For that $5.50 I got way more food than I was able to eat, and honestly it wasn’t that bad. I’m not raving and dreaming of going back, but I’ve got no complaints. There is a city issued “A” stuck on the door and I’m not dead yet so I guess it wasn’t as sketchy as I thought. But I’ll keep you posted.

Downtown Falafel Place

Downtown Falafel Place

7 thoughts on “I risk my life for falafel”

  1. i’ve eaten falafel at a little hole in the wall on 6th between hill and broadway and survived as well…consider it another option for you in the downtown area if you’re game.

  2. I go by the personal axiom that “cavalier attitude toward atmosphere” means “cheap, delicious, authentic food.” After all, how could such a shady place stay in business if the grub wasn’t top notch?

    Then again, there have been times I’d give up an appendage for a decent falafel sammich, so don’t mind me.

  3. By the way, what kinda makes this one a bit less authentic are the fries since Falafel usually comes in a Pita.

  4. Till – There was pita, I just didn’t photograph it. The city health inspectors check restaurants and rate them depending on how many health code violations they find, “A” is the best you can get, “B” means a few things were wrong, “C” means a lot of things were wrong, etc…

  5. I always go there at night when I go to the Smell.

    The guy who owns it really likes it when you are persian and speak farsi [like he did with my friend].

    You should visit the gay mexican bar down the street called Jaliscos. Whats a sight.

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