Sweatin’ Bullets: Sweatin’ like Fosse

burlesque.jpg Photo from the  Sacred Fools Theater 10th Anniversary party by C.M. Gonzalez, used under Creative Commons. More pics of scantily clad babes that make me want to join the company are available.

The Arclight will have some competition from the new Landmark Theatre opening June 1st in the west wing of the Westside Pavilion, per Curbed LA. Cushy leather chairs, reserved seating, and a restaurant/lounge. If they can create a more reliable ticketing system and less waiting time at concessions, this could be trouble.

Crazy Aunt Purl found a bus driver she thought was hotter than last Friday’s fire in Dark Canyon, and his name ain’t Ralph Kramden.

Erin/Lady Puppy has pics and video of some face melting over at the Hyperion’s “Guitar Hero” nights. (related, my neighbor Mark loaned me his XBox with “Guitar Hero 2”, and I’m hooked. Stupidest game ever, but addictive as all hell)

Neil at Citizen of the Month discovers the “world class” patient care at Cedars Sinai is more third world class if you don’t speak English. (in all fairness, I think this has less to do with language barrier than the size of your pocketbook).

If you haven’t been reading Glozell’s blog, you’re missing out on who may be the greatest blogger EVER. Painfully funny and candid to a fault, she recently diverted from writing about her daily visits to the line at the Tonight Show to talk about a recent date she had with a guy who was wearing Uggs and tried paying for a movie with his Ralphs card and “smelled like a hot donkey”.

2 thoughts on “Sweatin’ Bullets: Sweatin’ like Fosse”

  1. Mornin’, David,

    I’m the C.M. that took those photos. I’m glad you like them, I’m proud that they came out as well as they did with the little point and shoot I use.

    Here’s the thing though, while I love the free publicity for the theater company I’m a member of, as well as all the traffic to my flickr site, the theater’s production manager has asked that those photos come down. Both from the publicly viewed areas of my flickr site, and if possible from your post.

    Thanks for your time,
    C.M. Gonzalez

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