Sneak Peak at the New Beverly

grindhouse-marquee.jpgI drove past the New Beverly at about 8:30 and was surprised to see a line around the block. My eyebrow raised, I looped around so I could see the marquee. Quentin Tarantino Presents. Oh, right — the Grindhouse Festival. Movies from his collection, blah blah blah. Look, I enjoy QT’s movies, but I am not generally very impressed by them. Though I actually think it’s pretty cool that he wants his fans to see the movies that he rips off influence him creatively.

But why the line? I figured it out when I got home and looked at the picture (click for huge) I took out my car window. Sneak Peak. Checking the website, I see that tickets for this mystery movie go on sale at 9:45 for an 11:00 showing. I assume it’s a preview of Grindhouse. If any readers were there, will you drop me an email and let me know how the show was? (I’m more interested in it from an event viewpoint, but I’d also like to know if you like the movie.)

In closing, a photo I took of the people waiting in line:


(OK, you can’t see them, but I thought it looked pretty cool.)

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  1. Just got back from there and all I have to say is that the New Beverly can suck my ass.

    The girlfriend and I arrived there just before 7, waited in line for over three hours, and were told that the theater was sold out just before we got our tickets. The thing is, after arriving there we did a rough headcount and got 140 people ahead of us. Another guy in front of us did the same and came back with 141.

    Later on a guy from the theater did another count and said that we were numbers 264 and 265. So already by that point 124 people had cut in line. When we finally get close to the box office there were still about thirty people ahead of us and the announcement was made that the theater was completely packed.

    That means since we arrived nearly three and a half hours before about 190 people had cut in line and the New Beverly just fucking let them. It would’ve been nice and sensible for them to have issued tickets or some sort of indication that we’d gotten there early enough and had earned our rightful entry, but instead they just let 190 fucking people jump right in line and screw all the rest of us who’d been waiting around the block for three and a half hours.

    Thanks New Beverly Cinema management, I hope you all get crotch rot and fucking die slow, lingering deaths. You, and all the people who held spots for 190 of their dear friends.

  2. James: I feel your pain, but as a veteran of those movie lines, thats the norm. There’s no way to monitor a line to make sure people aren’t holding spots in line – besides, unless its one ticket per person (which there may have been) the headcount wouldn’t take into account people buying multiple tickets.
    Since the event was unique for the New Beverly, I wouldn’t criticize them too harshly. I’ve seen Manns, a major chain, do much worse.

  3. I concur with David…this isn’t any different from any other theater in L.A. (except for the Arclight, of course). And don’t forget, James…it’s only a movie and will be playing all over town starting tomorrow.

  4. James – I’d give the New Beverly a break on this one. I’ve been seeing movies there forever and the Grindhouse sneak preview is probably the biggest (and the most public) piece of programming they’ve ever done. They may have just been in over their heads and overwhelmed.

  5. I do understand and appreciate the magnitude of this event for them. I’ve attended shows of theirs in the past and know how relatively small their regular audiences tend to be. However, regardless of that I still feel it was slipshod management on their behalf and that between the wait and the drive over they are responsible for the four and a half hours I lost.

    I know this movie will be showing elsewhere but obviously it was much more than just seeing the movie that mattered. This was a sneak preview and those of us who arrived early were there as an enthusiastic bunch of fans gathered as a community, hoping to take advantage of the New Beverly’s great ticket price, hoping for even the remote possibility of seeing either of the directors, and willing to wait outside for all those hours to get in. Instead a bunch of late runners who spent a lot of time doing something else to show up hours later jumped in line with their early friends and took our places.

    As for the line count, after consulting with my fiance on the matter it turns out that they were taking into account how many people were holding spots for others. I had been across the street picking up some late dinner just when the theater guy swept by but according to her the guy was asking how many places each person was holding, and that was how we came to be numbers 264 and 265.

    I really feel like it wouldn’t have taken much at all at that point if not earlier to have done something like handing out cheap little raffle-type tickets to indicate who was in. That’s something a half-wit could’ve come up with. Instead they just let more and more people cut in front and screw all the rest of us.

  6. I LOVE the New Beverly — I might go so far as to say it’s my favorite theatre in LA. However, when I heard they were doing a secret sneak of Grindhouse, I thought– no way. Too much of a scene, and quite possibly a fiasco. Two guys run that place with a very laid back management style. I’m glad they got this Grindhouse fest (and premiere), as i’m sure it’s going to help keep them afloat for a while. But for me, the New Bev is about seeing rad movies most people aren’t going to come out for, in a theatre not at all optimized for excellent picture/sound, with a much less than full house of semi-regulars (often semi-drunk). The idea of a hip Hollywood sneak there goes against exactly what I love about the place… so I didn’t go. And the by way, wouldn’t the Vine have been more appropriate for a true grindhouse experience? That’s a place where you might actually stick to the seat when you try to get up.

  7. James,
    I’m now inspired to write a “how to wait in line” post with tips, suggested code of conduct for line holders, etc.
    On a side note, I’ll be in line to see Grindhouse at the Chinese tomorrow night, 8pm… I’ll be in line at 6pm.
    If anyone wants to meetup, my email:
    unsomnambulist (at) gmail com.

  8. seen the flick twice thus far. the faux-trailers alone are worth the price of admission. the closing shot in “death proof” probably established a new high-point in the history of film.

    was pretty sure it was going to be a mess at the bev on thursday, but i had a sneaking suspicion that q and sr. rodriguez would be there, so i rolled by around ocho on the off chance that this event hadn’t spread through the hipster grapevine. no dice. saw the line around the block and retreated to the south bay. does anyone know if los directors showed up? i’m not really a superfan. just a curious party.

  9. Caught the 8:00pm show @ Graumann’s Chinese and it was AWESOME. Packed house, jacked with enthusiasm and Taratino and company were all present. Quentin got a standing o when he walked into the theater about 15 mins before showtime. Eli Roth intro’d the film. Also present were Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Syndey Poitier, Rosario Sawson & others, plus many crew members. It was one of the best nights at the movies I’ve had in some time.

  10. Saw it Friday night at the Vista, and it did not disappoint. The showing was sold out, but I had stopped by in the afternoon and bought tickets then.

    Have no idea why movie is not doing better nationally, do people not like Zombies and Ass Kicking?

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