One Night In Silver Lake

just a couple of shots while I was waiting...

I always forget how awesome the signless Pho place on the north west corner of Sunset and Silver Lake is until I go there. I guess it’s technically called Pho Cafe but I prefer to call it Pho King because of the sign on the neighboring business. The beauty of this joint is the simplicity – they serve like 6 things (with minor variations) and they serve them well. Lunch is a little less packed then Dinner which looks like this every night, however the service is lightning fast and they expect you to eat and get the hell out just as quick. Not the place for a long intimate dinner by any means, but for some fast and good Pho it’s hard to find a better option in the neighborhood.

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  1. Love Pho! I consider my being half a block away from the place one of the benefits of living where I do. There was a long stretch where Pho to-go was what we had for dinner on Fridays. But they did jack up the prices a couple months ago and we haven’t been the regular customers we once were.

  2. I just wish it were closer…thats a long haul from Outer Monrovia for dinner out

  3. Is this place across the street from the SilverLake Lounge?

    Has anybody been to the spot further east on sunset, it’s always long lines outside every
    Saturday night, the sign just says “Cocktails”

  4. Rdizzy. Pho’s across the street from Silverlake Lounge but not directly. It’s in the little mall on the north side of Sunset east of Parkman.

    Not sure about the other place you’re mentioning. Sounds like you could be talking about the Echo.

  5. Rdizzy, are you referring to the Short Stop in Echo Park? They have red neon, almost vertical “COCKTAILS” sign.

  6. Yes, that’s the spot with the “Cocktails” sign.
    oh, that’s EchoPark?, anyway, anyone knows what’s
    deal with this place, it must be pretty good, it’s always a crowd Sat night. Someone do some
    Jack Bauer recon and get back to me. Oh thanks
    for the info on Pho’s.

  7. Looking at Michele:

    If “Pho” doesn’t rhyme with “ho” by all means how do you pronounce it? Whenever I’ve PHOned in an order the dude always says the name of the place with a long “o.” Please don’t tell me proper pronunciation is “Nif” or somesuch.

  8. Proper pronunciation is closer to “Fuh” which is why calling it “pho king” is so funny. to me at least. because I’m 12 years old or something.

  9. I think RDizzy is referring to the place adjacent to the (going-out-of-business) Eastside Mercantile furniture shop that is almost across the street from Silverlake Lounge. I can’t really grasp the days/hours of it but have heard its worth checking out. No idea what it is called.

    I too live a half block from Pho and can’t live without it.

  10. Lucinda,

    You definitely need to check out the Pho place – maybe before one of Lesley & Michael’s parties (I’m the neighbor with the boxer).


    Shortstop used to be awesome. Now it’s packed with Valleyites/Westsiders who are slumming. Better to go to Little Joy, one block west (it’s a little too sleazy for the folks who don’t live in the neighborhood).

    Little Temple used to be The Garage, Santa Monica & Virgil, near what used to be Jay’s Jayburgers (Sean’s has big shoes to fill).

  11. Johnny’s Cocktail Lounge 2939 W Sunset Blvd, LA, CA 90026 (323) 660-2276
    Cross Street: Silver Lake Boulevard

    Nestled between the space age-looking Silver Sun mini-mall and an over-the-top stocked antiques store, this compact club revives the former namesake roadhouse that once occupied the space–check out the vintage photo above the telephone booth. Sleek bench seating circles the indoor perimeter, while in-the-know locals and spillover crowd from Fold-promoted Silver Lake Lounge shows belly up to the bar in the middle of the room. The soundtrack? Neo-garage bands like the Strokes and other Spaceland upstarts.
    Hard to miss as you round the corner, look for a burgundy exterior with a 50s-inspired calendar cutie banner above it.
    There’s no valet or lot, so you’re best bet is to head west on Sunset for street spots. Some people take their chances in the Tom’s Burgers lot, but it’s been known to tow.

  12. That’s pretty phoking cool. I think Blossom downtown does a pretty good job as well… and yes, it is possible to pho-k up a simple bowl of Vietnamese soup. Nice to have some good choices here in LA now instead of having to drive down to the OC to find good pho. I just wish my keyboard had all those cool Vietnamese curly things to add to the letters…

  13. (I’m the neighbor with the boxer)

    And people slam LA for being a huge urban sprawl.

    That was a cool post!

  14. (Johnny’s (of the cocktail sign) is a nice bar but they do their cocktails with soju and other such strange nonsense due to their liquor license. So if you’re hanging out for beer/wine, you’re fine. Stay home and make a martini yourself if that’s what you want.)

  15. sorry count me in the no likin’ the pho crowd. the cold noodles are ok but not great and the soup is too bland. i’ll admit it fills a void in the neighborhood though and will always be crowded. and speaking of bars…. when is pho opening theirs next door? any ETA on that?

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