Cache of Food Bank Leftovers Discovered in Desert

rotten foodThis is a few weeks old, but it’s an interesting story if you haven’t seen it. In short, Troy Paiva of Lost America was out shooting in the desert near Helendale and stumbled upon a huge cache of rotten food bank leftovers that had been unceremoniously dumped in the middle of nowhere. He posted a Flickr photoset of the dirty deed, and MSNBC and the OC Register both picked up the story. It turns out it was left behind by an unscrupulous pig farmer who had been receiving shipments of Second Harvest’s nonconsumable foods (because generous corporations and donors love to donate already-expired food), and left it behind when he was evicted from the land. Now Second Harvest is just waiting on permission from the land owner to clean it up. Seems to me like the pig farmer that left it all behind in the first place is getting off easy.

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  1. wow, way to be on top of things metroblog…didn’t this story break two weeks ago?

    maybe you should write about a current issue like the parking permit debate that’s heating up in hollywood/los feliz which will restrict residents who live south of Franklin between Edgemont and Normandie

    a community meeting’s being held April 10th at 7PM

  2. Wow, GM, how nice of you to criticize Spencer for what he apologized for in the first line. Class act.

    But thanks for the note about the parking issue! If theres anything else you’d like for us to write about (yknow, instead of just criticizing us unpaid bloggers for what we do write about) you can drop a note anytime in suggest a story.

  3. the story may be old (as he noted in the beginning) but the photographs are still interesting and worthy of discussion.

  4. will campbell

    please find were i said that….PLEASE DO!!!

    and can on reporting OLD NEWS!

  5. Speaking of old news “GM” your wish is my command: In a comment to David Markland’s March 27 post about the woman marching in the anti-immigrant rally who was hit by a thrown can of Coca-Cola, you trolled the following and it was received at 4:12 p.m. that same day:

    “:( and i was starting to like this blog…i must de-RSS you for this post”

  6. “if you’re too developmentally disabled”

    C’mon 5000!…sure this GM seems to be annoying, but that’s rather questionable.

  7. why were my last three posts deleted? was it because they proved a point and made will campbell and david markland look like morons because they were absolutely wrong about someone supposedly posting something they didn’t.

    so metroblog is now censoring people? that’s cool…i guess. you should censor yourselves though, if you’re going to do that now

    will, you suddenly remind me of george bush now, the way you’re dodging the real facts and spinning this whole thing in another direction by labeling someone a troll. isn’t “troll” like so 2005?

    Peace out for now! can’t wait to read last week’s news on Monday

    this is formerly GM signing off as the new will campbell 5000! david markland

  8. GM, imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but signing your commments with my name is compelling proof that troll is as apt a term now as it was in 2005.

    But I’ll bite the bullet and offer an apology if I made the honest mistake of thinking you and the other “GM” were one in the same. I’ll even tolerate you calling me a moron. But comparing me to Duhbya? Now that’s cold.

    As to me dodging any issue… you mean your wafer-thin whine about us reporting old news? As others have said we report about whatever we want and certainly don’t have to answer to the anonymous whines and complaints of the likes of you.

  9. GM, those three comments, in which you posted under the names of other metroblogging authors, were off-topic and they were junked like any other spam. I’ll refer you to the Metroblogging Terms of Use for a more complete explanation.

  10. Hey guys,

    I dont know who this GM guy is but I just wanted to say you all write a very entertaining blog and I had not seen this news story before you posted it. So thank you for making me aware of this rotting food.

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