Artsy Fartsy Parties


In response to a plaintive wail that I post about this stuff earlier than, oh, say, the day of, I figured I’d post about this stuff a day earlier.

Some good art events around town this weekend.

Artwork by Joshua Clay, above (at the Hive Gallery) and Kai Samuels-Davis (both at the Hive and Gallery at th End of the World).

Info behind the jump.

The Hive Gallery’s 2-year anniversary show on Saturday promises to be a helluva party: it’s a large gallery space downtown arrayed through progressively smaller and darker rooms, in the ground floor of an aged building in the fashion-old bank area of downtown. “Hive” is a great word for it: they’ve partitioned the space into oodles of smaller spaces where resident artists can have private studio space, and it is indeed a hive of artsy activity. For a place with a co-op vibe, the quality of the art is effing amazing. IMHO, some of the most engaging artwork of downtown can be found here–unlike some of the other downtown galleries which can have such a sterile vibe (not all of them, of course). There’s a real vitality to the artwork here. And it’s affordable.

On Friday and extending through the weekend, the super-cute and tres-boho Gallery at the End of the World–located near the top of Lake Avenue in Pasadena, north of the 210/134, and not, exactly, at the end of the world, although when you’re there you do indeed feel far from the city–is hosting its monthly three-day art party. The down-to-earth little bungalow is stuffed to the gills with sculptures, paintings, shabby chic antiques, and handmade goods like books and jewelry; wander through its convoluted split levels (it’s built into the hillside) and emerge on its treehouse-slash-patio, overhung with a massive wisteria vine, weathered light fixtures spilling jewel tones across the crowd (a mix of urban hippies, drunks going pro, artists, musicians, and cowboy poets) while bands play and DJs spin. Friday’s the opening, Saturday’s a music night, and Sunday midday is a bloody mary bunch.