3 thoughts on “Fill ‘Er Up With Fillion”

  1. So traffic on SMB near Century City (and probably Olympic as well) will be seriously fucked tomorrow. Good thing I take the bus on Pico. It should be safe there. It would be a bit more courteous given how awful traffic on the west side gets if they started at 10 instead of 9, though.

  2. So, I went, and I saw no Nathan Fillion! But to their credit, I did get both free gas and a free Jamba Juice smoothie and only waited for about 5 minutes. I suspect that they were aiming for a male audience, judging by the presence of FreeFM and the toothy, leggy woman in short shorts and tight T that filled my tank (well- gave me about 6 gallons). There were cast members there but they seemed to be doing more standing around and getting their picture taken than anything else. Maybe Nathan was there and I just missed him… oh well!

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