Surf Report 4/3 – Shortboard advice


Shortboarders aplenty this morning. While the building southern hemisphere Swell #1S hasn’t translated into epic surf here at the homebreak, there were still some fun waves to be had. Mostly closeouts though, so boards were shooting off like missiles as people wiped out. The current was pretty weird. It felt like someone had flushed the toilet, forcing everyone to spin in place. I asked a guy for the time and we got to talking and I told him that for the last month I’ve been transitioning from my longboard down to a shortboard. He told me the transition was really tough, that it feels like you’re starting over, and that it took him a long time to get the hang of it. I asked him how long he’d been shortboarding. “Since January,” he said.

Photo reposted with permissssionss from Swellmagnet.

3 thoughts on “Surf Report 4/3 – Shortboard advice”

  1. Short boards & long boards are night and day. Short boards are not forgiving, but once you get the hang of it, the maneuverability is incredible.

  2. Wish there were more shortboards around instead of dangerous kooks on longboards flying around and being ditched in front of people.

    Shah, try a fish. Don’t think of it as a retro fad. That has passed. They paddle well and catch waves easily because of the thickness and width of them. And once you are in the wave, you FLY and can still turn on a dime. Also the transition from longboard to fish is much easier than long to short.

    They are fuckin’ fun in ever-y way.

  3. Yeah, I almost got my teeth knocked out from someone bailing on their longboard. I thought about a fish, but went with a 7 foot on the thicker side. It has a lot of float and the pop up is easy. Timing the pop up and catching the wave in the right place — that’s a little harder, especially since it’s been a lot of days of closeouts at the homebreak.

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