Bruiser for sale

On my way out of the Grove I stumbled across this little fella with no name. He’s a nine week old “champion class” English Bulldog being sold by Steven Hernandez. Price tag? $2500 (!). If you must have this critter, contact hernandez1230 (at) sbcglobal (dot) net.

A cursory search of English Bulldog rescues in the Los Angeles area turned up dry – does anyone know where someone with less deep pockets but a big heart for the bull legged bruisers can find one to adopt?

another photo of the puppy here

6 thoughts on “Bruiser for sale”

  1. Shady, it’s probably stolen. Not to mention you can get registered English Bulldogs for 2K. This dog is probably from a puppy mill.

  2. Try here:


    I would not buy a puppy from someone just walking around a mall trying to sell him. Reputable breeders will be very careful about who they place a dog with, and aren’t just interested in getting paid. Reputable breeders test their lines to ensure that the puppies they sell don’t have genetic defects, bad temperaments or inherited diseases. Some of these diseases are heartbreaking to the owners and ultimately cost the owners a fortune in vet bills…

  3. Why are you advertising for this creep? Do you know that our shelters here in Los Angeles have many pedigree dogs?
    And if you’re interested in adopting a Bull Dog, please consider a Pit Bull. They are amazing companions and have gotten an undeserving bad rap. 200 Pit Bulls are put to death everyday here in L.A. County alone – they need our help.
    Please remove this guy’s info from your blog. He doesn’t need any help making money off of the suffering of animals – the saying is true that for every dog you breed or buy, a shelter dog dies. Have a heart!
    That Steven Hernandez guy should get a real job instead of making his money from peddling puppies at the Grove…I’m writing a letter to the Grove about this. They don’t let people panhandle there, do they? Or sell things without some sort of agreement, why would they let some creep walk around selling puppies?

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