The Pillow Fight that never was

At right, a gang of pillow fighters disappointed after planned battle was stopped by “the man”. Video to be posted soon.

With security placed at every entrance, along with undercover support throughout, the management of the Grove successfully deterred what could have been a bloody melee of hooligans armed with pillows.

The clock above Abercrombie & Fitch surprisingly began working again at least half an hour before the planned start of the pillow battle, although there was no sight of anyone with a pillow around. I decided to concentrate my attention to the main entry into the Grove from the parking structure, where I could see eight or so levels to walk down from with a clear view of the elevators and escalators. At each level was a security guard – almost every one with a walkie talkie held to his ear.

About ten minutes til 6pm, I finally saw a handful of people with pillows up toward the top, looking defeated. The tallest of the gang was wearing pajamas, making him an easy mark for security. I can only guess that the first guard who saw them told them to either go away, or put the pillows back in their cars.

I walked over back toward the clock above Abercrombie & Fitch, where a security guard walked up to me and asked if he could look in my bag. I curtly said no. He explained that there was supposed to be some sort of a pillow fight, but made no indication that he was going to push the subject. If he had, I would have sternly refused. Instead, I fessed up.

“Yep. There’s a pillow in my bag. But I’m not going to take it out.” I just want to write about the pillow fight. He suggested I put the pillow back in my car. I refused, explaining by the time I walked there and back whatever action might transpire would be over. After some negotiation, I agreed to put it at the concierge desk, and he trusted me with walking out out sight.

On the way to the concierge, I spotted a couple people being grilled by security, who clearly had pillows in their bags. “I’m just here to go shopping” I heard one say.

The concierge told me mine was the only pillow that he’d checked in, and seemed unaware as to what was happening. I quickly ran back to the Abercrombie & Fitch, where, of course, I’d clearly missed some action. A couple crowds were huddled near security guards, pleading their case. When I asked what had happened, one guy said that another dude wearing pajamas had been arrested just for carrying a pillow.

Security was spread out, asking anyone who wasn’t there to shop to go away, that loitering wasn’t allowed. I grabbed a couple interviews with wanna be pillow fighters (to be posted soon) complaining about how irrational the Grove security was. I asked Grove security if there was anyone I could speak to with their side of the story, but was told nobody was on staff who could officially reply, although one undercover guy who said he just happened to be there and decided to help out, said that the Grove was a family place with lots of kids running around, so a pillow fight was inappropriate there.

To be fair, from my perspective the Grove’s security staff were polite and measured, and the one guy in pajamas who was supposedly arrested “for no reason” was apparently asked to leave before sneaking in from another entrance.

Maybe next time, new rules for Pillow Fight Club will include: “Dress discretely to pillow fight club” and “Buy your pillows at the location.”

If anyone has another side to the story, please leave it in the comments, along with links to any additional photos or video from the non-event.

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  1. I’ve always been of the opinion that the Grove (a) is a totally neutered, homogenized “scripted space” and (b) desperately needs its pranking cherry popped. We did ok a few years ago with a santacon, but even then had to take refuge in a restaurant. It’s quite sinister, IMHO. Like, if some homeless person or gutter punk (or me on a grumpy, disheveled morning) wandered into the Grove, the security posted on the tower-tops of all the charmingly neo-Tuscan buildings would blowdart him with a tranquilizer dart and “dissapear” him or something. It’s charming, it’s cute, and it scares the crap out of me. All it needs is a biosphere dome and a soylent green processing plant.

  2. The Grove Pillow fight Originally uploaded by Britphoto. I happened to be at the grove and was told not to take photos by the security guard.I don’t remember seeing any signs that said no photos !!!!!!!This was all over a pillow fight?? Since when did it become a crime to wear pajamas and carry a pillow?

  3. well then…its is private property and as much as I hate it, when they tell you rules on the fly you pretty much have to listen…and they don’t have to post them.
    Curious…the whole thing sounded like a lot of fun but I do know the grown up world worries about getting sued and this was ripe for cries of assault and battery and suits as a result. Can’t blame any business owner or property owner who would be cautious. After all attorney’s have ruined Christmas baking as those little silver candies used to decorate candies are now banned in CA due to overzealous attorney’s. If something that innocent is banned did anyone think a community pillow fight no matter how innocent was actually going to take place?

  4. If the Grove wants to worry about public safety they should start with that road that slices through the pedisterian walkway. And don’t get me started on that goofy trolley.

  5. Near the beginning of the last Midnight Ridazz westbound down Third we made a last second detour that took us past the valet parking area and through the Grove much to the surprise of the patrons and chagrin of security personnel. We enjoyed it so much we came through again eastbound on the way to the ride’s end at Pan Pacific Park. It was glorious.

  6. the green and white hat was not associated with the pillow fight. it was a leftover from a st. paddy’s day extravaganza that was left in a friend’s car. but it did apparently set us apart from others in the crowd.

  7. “the Grove was a family place with lots of kids running around, so a pillow fight was inappropriate there.”

    I wish I’d been there! I am so sick and tired of people using children as an excuse to try and control adult behavior. “Oooh, you can’t do that! There are precious spawn in the area and their virgin ears/eyes/minds will be tainted!” I say, keep them at home 24-7 if you don’t want them exposed to the world. Hello, it’s a pillowfight. Even kids who have never been exposed to one will have a pillowfight. It’s a pillowfight. Where’s the harm?

    So how did the Grove find out about this, anyway? And when will we hear about the cornfield pillowfight???

  8. Y’all shoulda been at scarcely-a-Cornfield State Park in Chinatown, where the pillow fight went off without a hitch and the feathers were a huge mess that kindly Ranger Raley provided a rake for the cleaning up thereof. This was followed with a fun group dinner at Pho 87.

    Photographic proof:

    Sorry, but really, whose bright idea was it to stage a pillow fight in a private mall owned by a high mucky muck on the Police Commission?

  9. Sorry, but really, whose bright idea was it to stage a pillow fight in a private mall owned by a high mucky muck on the Police Commission?

    My feelings exactly.

  10. My friends and I totally went to partake in glorious pillow fighting. But the Fuzz totally got wind of it and shut it down before it even began. There was private security everywhere. This security guard told us “I’m sorry, but I can’t let you past this point with those pillows. You can go shopping if you like, but you need to leave the pillows in your vehicle.” No joke.

    My friends and I eventually ended up having an outstanding 1-minute pillow fight with a couple other stragglers and then we went back home to the OC. It was an amazing minute, but it only made me that much more disappointed that I didn’t get to partake in a mass pillow fight involving several hundred people.

    Stupid Police.

    To be fair, it was a poorly chosen location. A public place like a park would not have had the same problems as a privately owned place for shopping.

  11. Bloody pillow facists. Next time I say we meet in the kmart parking lot and then march over en masse.

  12. Yea, i was there, too, but we were forced to leave the pillows in the car. We seriously considered buying some pillows at one of the stores, and bringing them out. As we left, we drove around the parking structure waving our pillows out the car window, heckling the guards. All I have to say is that the Grove can’t get away with this. When’s the next fight? Maybe we should bring eggs this time, and light that place up. Eggs are easier to hide.

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