Wheel of Lunch More Versatile Than Name Implies

The Wheel of Lunch, an interesting riff on Yahoo! Local, will let you spin a wheel to randomly pick a restaurant near your zip code, regardless of what meal you’re looking to score. My lady and I eat out quite a bit and deciding where to eat is a constant pain our asses. I would prefer a little more customizability, but this is still going to save us a lot of bickering. Looks like today I’m eating lunch at Alegria on Sunset!

5 thoughts on “Wheel of Lunch More Versatile Than Name Implies”

  1. I think the wheel made a good call. I love Alegria! Cochonito next door’s got good stuff, too.

  2. It’s a bit mac incompatible. I can’t change the query terms (although it did figure out where I work), and I can’t spin the wheel very well (although that might be a commentary on my mousing skills more than anything else).

  3. Don, I had the same problem trying to use it in Safari. Then I opened it in Firefox, and after that it worked in both! Kind of strange.

  4. This is very awesome thanks for sharing! It will save many, “Where do you want to go?”, “I don’t know where do you want to go?” discussions.

  5. DON’T go to Alegria any more. Please. It’s only just now getting so we can get a table!

    (and it’s one of our favorites)

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