Sweatin’ Bullets: The Short Yellow Line

buskid.jpgPhoto by Makun Makun, used with Creative Commons.

Santos makes the case that as great as Bob’s Coffee and Doughnuts is at the Farmer’s Market, it doesn’t compare to Stan’s Doughnuts in Westwood, especially with their “peanut butter cup filled” variety.

Experience L.A. breaks down farmer’s markets easily accessible via stops along Metro’s Gold, Blue, and Red Lines.

“Blog Maverick” Marc Cuban notices that anyone checking out the subdomain sports.latimes.com is redirected to TheSportsNetwork.com, and asks the LA Times, “did you guys sell off your 404s?” On a side note, why doesn’t Cuban buy the Times? (h/t Atwater Village Newbie)

Come On, Feel the Nuys calls for a little love or just a rapaving of the brittle, pothole ridden roads in his neighborhood.

Fightin’ Mad Mary writes a complaint letter to the principal of the elementary school near her home regarding an out of control sprinkler head and the trash students leave in the street and asks “do you think that your kids in detention could pick up the mess as part of their punishment?” I anxiously await the follow up post!

Visiting from Portland, Malice666 writes “what the fuck!!! i thought L.A. was gonna be all crazy an shit! but it suckkkksss asssss!” But for damn good reason: she wasn’t allowed to go topless, let alone bucknaked, at a local strip club. Check out more insight from a stripper’s POV at her MySpace blog.