Back in b-LA-ck

I’ve been traveling most of the last two weeks, was in San Francisco then San Diego. If you want more details on the nerdy tech conferences I was at those posts can be found on my own blog. Since it wasn’t LA related at all I didn’t want to hog up space here. The second leg of that trip I took at advantage of Amtrak and rode the train from LA to SD and then back again. I gotta say, for a trip about that length it’s probably the best option. If you’ve never taken a train out of Union Station in downtown it’s something you should do at least once just for the experience. There’s no way to describe how grand and old world feeling that building is until you’ve actually been there. As for the trip itself, Driving to San Diego is about 2 hours depending on the traffic, right? That’s kind of what I’ve measured the times I’ve done it – though it’s taken over 4 before when traffic was really bad. On Amtrak it’s $29 for the ticket, and $14 for the Business Class upgrade which is so totally worth it. The seats have TV screens and power outlets and the whole trip takes between 2.5 and 3 hours depending on which stops are on the route. I did this for the first time last year and it was such a relaxing way to travel that I’ve been looking forward to doing it again since then. One major set back which I realized this trip – you do get cell reception on the train. This has been a benefit in the past, but turns out when the guy sitting a few rows from you is taking full advantage of the beer they serve on the train and has to call every single person he knows to confirm the “bitchin’ party plans” they have for the weekend, yeah turns out it’s not so hot at that point. Viva la sound isolating earphones.

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  1. Totally agree – I also took the train to eTech, but didn’t spring for the 1st class upgrade. The seats still had power outlets though (and I didn’t even encounter any loud drunks). Who cares if the trip takes an hour longer if you’ve got a comfy chair and can plug in your laptop?

    Also, keep in mind you spend about $30 each way in gas driving to SD, so the price is really a wash.

    Now, when do we get high-speed rail to SF??? ;)

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