Sean’s Burger: A Case Of Premature Congratulation

The demise of Jay’s Jayburger situated in the Hollywood/Silver Lake border regions at the corner of Virgil and Santa Monica Boulevard may have come to pass when the historic shack was unceremoniously shuttered a couple years ago, but an irrational glimmer of hope that it might return when all the remodeling dust settled was maintained by me in that aftermath. At least until that pipedream was finally and totally destroyed with the recent drive-by discovery that the place was in the prepatory process of being reincarnated as something called Sean’s Burger, replete with craptastic backlit-plastic masthead:

“Coming Soon!!!” The subsignage exclamates in ecstatic triplicate, and that’s fine. But below that much less conspicuously Sean’s dares to trumpet an alleged “Better Taste” and “Better Service,” and that’s just big hypothetical theoretical silly talk from a place still under wraps that hasn’t flipped a single patty yet deigns to pompously pronounce itself as a vast improvement over the cherished and mourned landmark whose popular namesake Jay Coffin served hundreds of thousands of them in the 36 years spent at that location.

P.S. For the wistfully nostalic, here’s a photo of a busy Jay’s I took in February 2005.

10 thoughts on “Sean’s Burger: A Case Of Premature Congratulation”

  1. Jay’s became my favorite junk food burger, especially as it’s end drew near. Their double, with bacon and a fried egg, could easily go head to head with an Original Tommy’s any day of the week.

    Damn you Will for teasing my burger gland!

  2. I won’t frequent this place. Out of pure spite mixed with true loyalty.


    I’ll never say that again.

  3. mmmmmmmmmm…burgers. Try “The Great White Hut” in Glendale at Orange & California. When I was still a cube dweller a couple of years ago that was my favorite place to go just grab a burger. Similar set up to “Jays” – a glorified shack, 4 stools and the best burger to savor along with the noonday sun.

  4. Meh. Far superior was Mo’ Better Meatty Meat on the corner of Fairfax and Pico. Hands down, best burger and fries in LA. When they closed, who cried?

  5. I was on the same, hopeful trajectory that one day I would stumble through the Cahuenga Corridor and hop into a buddies car, take the 15 minute drive to the elusive hamburger joint I would call home on Saturday early mornings, and once again indulge in that late night “snack.” I wished that someday, I would once again stumble into that broom closet they called a restroom, come out with hands cleansed, and have my Jay’s, double patty, egg and bacon, burger ready to rock. But now, I have to settle for Sean. He better be cool and hook it up with some Muncho’s or a free can of sprite when he realizes that I only brought enough for the burger. “Jay” would hook it up because he was a nice guy. I vividly remember that.

  6. GB… ummm – actually, it IS a BFD. It is to those who “get it” in terms of Jay’s… and I’ve gotta say – this “Sean” has some serious shoes to fill… good luck to him!

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