For The Love Of Adam Let’s Ride

A few weeks ago Mack Reed posted here about plans to install a traffic signal at the intersection of Monon Street and Hyperion Avenue in the wake of the tragic death of Silver Lake resident Bill Wingard who on January 20 was struck by a vehicle and killed while in the crosswalk between Trader Joe’s and Gelson’s (Cybele also had more on the subject here).

One of the first people on the scene of the accident to offer aid to Wingard was Trader Joe’s crewmember Adam Authier who stayed by Wingard’s side until paramedics arrived. Little more than a month later, on February 24, Authier was on Hyperion in Atwater Village bicycling home from work when he was struck by a motorist. Transported to County-USC Medical Center with serious injuries, Authier spent several days in ICU and now faces a long period of recovery — all without health insurance.

His crewmates at Trader Joe’s are partnering with the Company of Angels Theater (of which Wingard was a member) and have organized a benefit Sunday April 1 from 1 – 6 p.m. at the Grand Avenue Club (map) whose proceeds will go to Authier to help with his medical bills. In conjunction with the benefit, Stephen Box of Illuminate L.A. has announced the organization of a bike ride that will depart for the Grand Avenue Club from the Silver Lake Trader Joe’s at noon that Sunday.

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  1. he should just not give a social security number and a fake name at the hospital. then let the state pay for it like they do all the illegals, like me. he actually deserves it, if he was born here….. we dont.

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