Surf Report 3/28 – Duck diving = good


Cold, windy, mushy, allovertheplace-y, etc. This morning’s session was great for the advanced, terrifying for the beginner, and for others, it was a day to wish you didn’t have Baja Fresh last night for dinner. The current was pretty strong, and folks looked like they were tiring out early. If you like to duck dive, today was your day, as washing machine sets were rolling in constantly. If your duck dive sucks, Whiffleboy started a good thread on troubleshooting your technique. Check it out here.

Photo reposted with permissions and permissions from Swellmagnet.

3 thoughts on “Surf Report 3/28 – Duck diving = good”

  1. Baja Fresh is only an issue if you are in a wet suit pal, and even then the extra bouyancy warmth is welcomed. Its only when you unzip that it may be an issue to those around you.

  2. So that’s why my duck dives were so half-assed. I wasn’t lazy, I was just too buoyant from agreeing to try it “enchilado” style.

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