Arclight’s 21+ Screenings for April Pretty Much Rule

We all seem to have a love/hate relationship with the Arclight around here. After seeing this incredible line-up of 21+ screenings next month, I currently love it:

Monday, April 2, 8pm – BILL & TED’s EXCELLENT ADVENTURE (PG) 1989

Monday, April 9, 8pm – THE WARRIORS (R) 1979

Monday, April 16, 8pm – THE GOONIES (PG) 1985

Monday, April 23, 8pm – MONTH PYTHON and the HOLY GRAIL (PG) 1975

The Arclight asked its crew to come up with films they can “watch over and over” and these were the ones that made the cut.

I love every one of these films, and watching them with a couple of drinks in me — plus the required one at my seat, just on principle — is pretty much perfect.

4 thoughts on “Arclight’s 21+ Screenings for April Pretty Much Rule”

  1. Be sure to have some empty bottles for your fingers during the Warriors screening.

    Hahaha. Best idea ever!

    The 21+ and over screenings at The Arclight are the best thing ever. We go to as many as we can, but unfortunately they’re usually current releases so the selection’s not that good. These are golden.

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