2007 Festival of Books announces lineup

bookfest.jpgWhile the “cool kids” will be baking in the Indio desert at Coachella, I’ll be enjoying the air conditioned confines of UCLA for a number of free panels at this years Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, being held Saturday and Sunday, April 28 – 29th.

The online schedule of panels has recently been released. Callie at Counter Balance writes “I don’t see a lot of big guns on this list.  For this reason, I’ll choose to take this as a truly ‘first pass’ panel listing…with the heavy hitters to be added later.”

But I disagree – the lineup is pretty vibrant, and should keep me busy for two days. Scheduled panelists and speakers include S.E. Hinton (“The Outsiders”), James Ellroy, Ray Bradbury, Berkely Breathed (“Opus”), Steve Lopez from tha L.A. Times, and Marc Bowden (“Black Hawk Down”).

But who I’m most looking forward to this year are the bloggers, especially the panel “New Media: Blogging and Beyond” being moderated by RJ Smith, with Hugh Hewitt, LA Observed’s Kevin Roderick, and The Homicide Report’s Jill Leovy. (Saturday at 10:30am).

Other bloggers scheduled to appear include Metroblogging Pittsburgh’s Carolyn Kellogg discussing online litblogs, Boing Boing’s Cory Doctorow on “Science Fiction: The Road From Here to There” and Arianna Huffington at “Memoir: Lesson’s Learned” being moderated by “blog slapper/Advice Goddess” Amy Alkon.

Unfortunately, I have to wait for the Times to publish their schedule grid, so I can cross reference select panels that might be occuring at the same time. If its anything like past years, I’ll be crying on the newsprint having to decide what I’ll need to pass up.

Tickets are free, but still first come first serve at any Ticketmaster location beginning noon Sunday, April 27th 22nd – if any are left they’ll made available on site. For the schedule and more info, the LA Times has what you need to know.

…photo by Boris Badenov

4 thoughts on “2007 Festival of Books announces lineup”

  1. David,

    Look for me at the event; I will be there both days as a volunteer. I have requested to be a driver for the speakers; hopefully I’ll drive Kevin Roderick to his panel.

  2. April 22nd, not 27th for tickets.

    I went through the website listings and found a whole bunch of stuff I’d like to attend on Saturday, not so much on Sunday. Looking forward to it already. Bradbury is a great speaker, btw, not to be missed, I mean, he’s really awful. Don’t bother getting tix to that one. Or at least not until after I have mine.

  3. omg…SE Hinton is still around, I remember her books from middleschool. Very cool. I just wish Saturday wasn’t booked with kids sports!

  4. I’d really like to go back to the Festival of Books, but I worked four festivals as a student in UCLA BookZone, then as a floor manager. Once you’ve had to be their working, you’ll never want to go back.

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